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Owyhee Canyonlands
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2012 Owyhee Canyonlands
Images by Merri Melde

Brass Goes Bronze - Karen Bumgarner
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2015 Owyhee Canyonlands - October 9,10,11

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

2015 Owyhee Canyonlands - by Merri Melde

October 11 2015

In a couple of weeks, you'll probably look back at the Owyhee Canyonlands and remember it as the last stopover on the way to endurance fame.

After finishing all 3 days of this year's Canyonlands, Ann Kratochvil and GF Brazil's Envy are one ride away from reaching the elite status of the Perfect Ten Equine. Only 7 other horses have received this award where the horse must have completed 10 years, 10,000 miles, 10 first place finishes and 10 best conditions in their careers.

Ann hadn't planned on riding all 3 days - she usually takes a day off in between on multi-day rides, because "Envy doesn't know slow." Ann was hurting on day 3, but Envy was raring to go. Finishing Top Ten all 3 days (which is normal for Ann and Envy), the pair were 1 of 6 riders who finished all 3 days; and the 155 miles left Envy with one more ride to go to cross the 10,000 mile mark into the AERC history books.

(Stay tuned for the Bill Thornburgh Friends and Family on October 24!)

Wasch and Gabriela Blakeley were first and second in all-3-day standings, with a combined time of 15:15 for the 155 miles. Miki Dekel and the appaloosa Kool Hand Luke also completed all three days, in a combined time of 29:24. That's perseverance!

Four riders completed all 3 days of LDs, with Terry Doyle and Shamrock DE having the fastest combined time of 13:00, and local Pickett Crick rider Linda Kluge and Ted second in 13:02.

A pair that certainly would have completed all 3 days of the LD were Janet Tipton and the rather famous mustang Lady Jasmine. Already the all-time highest-mileage LD horse with well over 5000 LD miles, Janet elected to ride a 50 on one of the days (and LDs on the other two), to chip away at that Decade Team award, for equine and rider teams who complete at least one endurance ride (50 miles or more) each year for 10 years.

It was rather warm on Days 1 and 2, since many of the competing horses already had a good start on winter coats. A cool front blew in the night before Day 3, dropping temperatures twenty degrees into the 60'. Some of us still thought it was a bit hot, but riders managed their horses well, and nobody was treated.

In what is hopefully a regular occurrence at the Owyhee Canyonlands, and what should be required at most endurance rides, the Teeterville Bluegrass Jammers picked on the porch in the evenings for entertainment. The first nite we got two whoops; the second night we got two neighs; the third night we got some horses kicking their pens. I'm not exactly sure how to interpret that. The fourth night, one rider ventured to join us to sing a couple of songs. Bring your instruments next time and play with us at your own risk.

31 of 36 riders finished the Day 1 50, with Junior Barrak Blakeley getting 1st on Ela Khomanche, and 6th place Elroy Karius and Jolly Holliday getting BC. 20 of 22 riders finished the Day 2 55, with Sanoma Blakeley winning on OMR Dream Chaser, and Wasch Blakeley and PR Moon Danzor getting BC. 25 of 26 riders completed day 3's 50, with Tani Bates and CR Marjan Roars winning, and second place Max Merlich and TCF Miles High getting BC.

Pat Gisvold and Raffons Noble Dancer won the Day 1 and Day 3 LDs. Bill Miller and Tezeros Hot Shot got BC both days. All 18 starters finished Day 1, and 16 of 18 finished Day 3. Winner of the Day 2 LD was Jeff Stuart and JV Remington, with BC going to second place Maria Kilo and Belesemo Geronimo. 18 of 19 starters finished.

Ride Info
Ride Managers:
Steph Teeter, 208 250 6898, steph@endurance.Net
Regina Rose, 208 250 8662, rrose4u2002@yahoo.com

Base camp: Teeter Ranch, outside of Oreana, Owyhee County, Idaho. (Directions)

Dinners will be provided by ride management and are free for riders and volunteers. ($10 if you're not riding or helping but still want a meal)

We have plenty of space for any size rig. There are hydrants for people and horse water throughout the camp site. WiFi internet is available at the house where we will have all ride meetings, awards and meals. Hot showers, flush toilets at the house.

Corrals are available for rent, $30 for the week. 12 x 12 or 12 x 16 panel corrals.

Early arrivals are welcome, just let me know in advance!

Entry Fees:
$100 for LD and 50/55 distances (includes dinner and camp fee).
Juniors are half-price.

Please help us plan and register
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Come ride the Owyhee Canyonlands...

where time stands still!
That is what I find, the quiet is deafening, the sky is endless, and time stands still, this is where trail/horse/rider all truly become one.


This is desert country - you'll ride a mix of cow trails, jeep tracks, sand washes. We try to find the best footing, but there will be rocky sections and some deep sand. Ride accordingly and make sure your horse's feet have adequate protection. The trails are generally rolling, not terribly difficult but there will be some areas that you have to take your time on - we want you to have the full Owyhee Front experience!
CAUTION! These maps are tentative, and will quite possibly change right before the event - but this is what we're currently planning to do

Day 1 trail, Sinker Reservoir
view jpg || download pdf

Day 2 trail, Wildhorse Butte
view jpg || download pdf

Day 3 trail, Hart Creek
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Browns Crick Trail Preview

Trail Previews

Hart Creek ridge (Day 2) Trail Preview - by Merri Melde

Snake River Birds of Prey Badlands Trail Preview! by Merri

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