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Sweden 2010 World Equestrian Games News

CeCecilia Stråhle Engquist and the mystery man

Seattle Horsebytes Blog - Monica Bretherton

Cecilia Stråhle Engquist's journey to the World Equestrian Games began with a mysterious encounter with a man at the Houston Rodeo Arabian Days in 2005.

She asked him where she might go to do some riding, as she was new to the area.

"Well, do you like endurance?" he asked.

Cecelia was ready to answer that. "I had watched a TV program about endurance - I thought it looked really romantic being out there on the trails, and I loved running – when you get hunches you should follow them."

So she took down the name of a barn, he suggested. She never saw that man again, but he set her on a path to the 2010 World Equestrian Games, where she will be competing in Endurance under the flag of her native country, Sweden.

Of course, as with most seemingly drastic life changes, the stage had actually been set for that moment long before. Horses were not a new interest but a passion set aside for 20 years because of life's vagaries. When Cecilia and her husband, also a Swede, moved to Houston, Texas, that long-dormant seed fell on fertile ground.

Cecelia still had visions of riding bareback and bridleless through the Swedish woods on her horse Tinto, whom she got when she was 12.


Cecilia Strahle Engquist - Update

Update: I have just received news that I will in fact be riding for Sweden at the World Championships this fall. More infomtation will follow shortly. Thank you to everyone for their support so far. The road to the World Championships in endurance riding and how you can help!

This website is created in response to people asking to know how I am doing and how they can help me reach my goal of riding for Sweden in the World Championship in Endurance riding - 100 miles or 160 km - on a horse. WEG 2010 www.alltechfeigames.com with 8 equestrian disciplines is the largest sporting event in the USA in 2010. Endurance is one of those disciplines.

I had toyed with the idea of riding at international level for a few years but in the beginning of 2009 something happened that made me realize that I needed to take advantage of an opportunity I may never have again. Reaching this goal is about overcoming hurdles, beating the odds and above all - having fun while doing it!

My goal is to ride for the Swedish endurance team in the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, 2010.

Beginning January 1, 2010 I aim to raise $11,000 to cover the racing budget for this year. Follow the progress here.

I committed to my goal and spent 2009 in pursuit of qualifying myself and several horses for the big event. I have had success and Aces Comett and I finished the World Championship test ride in October on the actual WEG course in Kentucky in horrible weather conditions. Comett and I also made the qualifying time for the WEG. Awesome little horse! My next step is to qualify my own horse R Tse Q during the spring and ride in even better times.

The next couple of months will be crucial for the qualifications. I will however need help financing it and this is where you may help me. In Sweden we have a saying "manga backar sma blir en stor a," meaning something like "many small creeks eventually become a river." Please help me by contributing a small creek!

The following pages will introduce to you what the deal is all about. The core of it is really about one woman's determination and wish to challenge herself and going from being a normal local rider to an international contender.

Happy trails!

Cecilia, R Tse and Comett

Sweden sends two individual endurance riders to WEG


23 August, 2010

Maria Hagman Eriksson and Cecilia Strahle Engquist will be representing Sweden as individuals in the endurance competition, which is the first championship to take place at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Kentucky.

Maria Hagman Eriksson and Power currently hold the Swedish record over 160 kilometres, which is the same distance as the ride at WEG, and is reigning national champion.

Cecilia Strahle Engquist is based in Houston, Texas, USA and has a choice of her two rides: Aces Comett or Latteefah.