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Great Britain 2010 World Equestrian Games News

WEG Endurance Overview - Equestrianteamgbr.co.uk - Full Article


Endurance riding has a history that dates back to when horses were first used to travel long distances as a means of transport. As a form of competitive sport though, endurance riding first emerged in the USA in the 1950s, and reached Europe in the 1960s. In 2010, it’s a real test of both horse and rider fitness with events covering distances of up to 160km, which means many hours in the saddle.

As a nation, Great Britain has taken an Endurance team to every World Equestrian Games (WEG) since the first in 1990, where they won Team Gold. Since then, results haven’t been quite as strong but this year’s team represents our best chance of bringing home a medal for many years. Beccy Broughton-Booker, Ros Clapp, Janice Cockley Adams, Christine Yeoman and David Yeoman make up a strong team with plenty of experience at Championship and International level.

Liz Finney, Endurance Chef d’Equipe discusses the team’s prospects and preparation in the lead up to the Games which start on 25 September in Kentucky, USA.

“We have a really strong team of five riders going to WEG who all have competed successfully in International rides on many occasions. After winning Gold in Stockholm, our results haven’t been quite as good but we’re hoping for a strong show in Kentucky which will help put British Endurance back at the top of the sport.

“The horses have all proved that they are capable of the speeds necessary nowadays to win team medals and we will be competing with a real chance of a top team position. The team has all worked really hard over a number of years as members of the British squad, to produce well trained and very fit horses...

Read more here:

I Think She's Ready! - Beccybroughton's WEG Countdown Blog

Sunday, 5 September 2010

So I think my little Java is ready to get the job done. So we cantered on Friday. The plan: 16km canter @ approx 22kph. MMmm. Miss Java started very nicely and we trotted around the 3km stubble field which has become very sandy since combining. However from that point it deteriated. She wanted to go faster and I wanted to start at around 18kph building up to a finishing pace of around 24kph. But Oh No... we should obviously be starting at 24kph!

So Java being quite difficult to ride on occassions, and so it bagan- The Clash of The Titans!!!!!! After the 3rd loop of riding with all my mite trying not to use my hands and instead ride her from my backside I decided it was safer for everyone if we went back to school so picked a corner and did exactly that. Round and round in circles, changing reins and half halting, Java chomping at the bit getting crosser and crosser but I finally got her back in work mode and managed to get a nice canter back around the field and decided to call it a day. Mind you we went round and round in circles for so long that we still did 16km!...


West quartet prepare to show their grit in test

Thisisbristol.co.uk - Full Article

September 3 2010

On the one hand, Christine Yeoman is a lucky lady. She lives in a huge house, with lots of land and custom-built equine facilities for her string of eight or so top-class horses. She has a very supportive husband and she is shortly to fly to the USA to represent Britain at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Kentucky.

On the other hand, she has multiple sclerosis (although it is not bothering her at the moment) and her chosen sport is so punishing on her body that it has so far led to three operations.

But the Christine I met certainly wasn't complaining. Bright and smiley, she has the air of someone both comfortable and confident in who she is and what she does. And justifiably so. A stalwart of the British team for several years, Christine is next month heading to her fifth international championship – and has high hopes of success.

This will be her second WEG; the first was four years ago in Aachen, Germany, when she was 17th. This time she's hoping for a team medal. "I think we have a very good chance," she said. "We have a very, very good team and it is achievable."

With that longed-for medal in the bag, her highest personal goal would be achieved. Along the way she has travelled the world, competing in Asia and in Europe, where she has won and come second in 120km races in France...

Read more here:

British Endurance Elite Squad 2010


The following horses and riders are the 5 team members that have been selected to represent Team GBR at the forthcoming World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in September 2010.


Beccy Broughton-Booker, UKCC Coach and Equine Sports Massage Therapist began riding in 1981- at 2 years old! She was just 5 years old at her first competitive 25 mile CTR - 26yrs ago - 1986 at Southwell Racecourse on a pony called Oatie Crunch owned by Mrs Janet Denny.

Beccy has competed in over 20 International Rides, including at the European Championships 2001 finishing a very creditable 7th, at WEG 2002 to finish 18th, and in the Dukeries Bahrain Cup 2010 where she came 1st . In 2001 she was the top British based rider in the World FEI rankings. In 2002 she was placed 36th in the FEI World Rankings and her stallion Murmansk was placed 4th in the FEI World Rankings for competing stallions. She was been chosen to represent GB as an U21 and on the senior team.

Beccy’s crew are Rachel Stendall, husband Garry Booker and father Tim Broughton. Beccy names Marcy Pavord as the most influential person in her life, saying “I want to achieve what she did not have time to do.” However, Beccy adds it is her father she most looks up to – “for too many reasons.”

As well as wanting to be the best that she can be, encouraging the growth of the discipline and wanting a World and Olympic Medal, Beccy’s ambitions also include “to coach riders at all levels sharing my experiences and knowledge to improve horse and rider combinations to reach their goals.” For those of us who know Beccy it is no surprise that hobbies outside of horses include “Fast cars, fast skis and fast everything really!”

Beccy’s horses are Java Sunlight, a 13yo chestnut Arab mare (Dhruv/Sunlit Wings) who came 2nd at Haywood Oaks 160 FEI3*. Beccy also has Tawmarsh Muharram, a 10yo chestnut Arab gelding (Murmansk/Khashala) who came 1st in the Bahrain Dukeries Cup 160FEI3* 2010. This horse is the son of Beccy’s previous team horse Murmansk, who took her to many of her achievements so far. Beccy says “His Dad pep talks him every day!”


Ros Clapp, previous team member at Assissi 2009 and Compeigne 2005, took up riding in 1980 and has been competing in Endurance since 2000. Ros chose Endurance “through my Mum who was on the British team”, and her best result to date was to finish Assissi riding Nazeeka.

Nazeeka is an 11yo grey Anglo Arab mare (Prince Vandezee/Namibia), whom Ros has owned for 5 years. Nazeeka was also a champion hack before starting Endurance so obviously a very talented horse. In fact, Ros’s top tip for success in Endurance is that you need “a good horse”.

Ros’s crew include John Tydesley, John and Jane Hudson and Rob Clapp.


Janice Cockley-Adams is a European Strategic Sourcing Manager, who took up riding 26 years ago – as soon as she started earning!

Janice says “I trained as a Zoologist and was a competitive athlete from age of 11. The combination of physiology, psychology, nutrition, training and competition together with the close bond between horse and rider ticked all my boxes. I did my first ride in 1988 and was hooked. Over the years I have been fortunate to have great moments on 9 different horses including winning the Scottish Open Championship (160km) and the Spirit of Sherwood multi-day 150 miles (240km).”

Highlights with the two horses Janice has on the elite squad for WEG include 6th FEI 120km Dukeries, May 2010 (first European to finish,)2nd FEI 160km Haywood Oaks, Apr 2010 (her debut 160km) and 7th FEI 130km Monpazier, France, Sept 2009 (first Briton to finish) on Roxane du Bout du Monde. Khadidja du Pont has also had many fantastic results including 4th FEI 120km Euston Park, August 2009 (first European to finish), 2nd FEI 120km Dukeries, May 2008 & best condition award (first European to finish), and 23rd (first Briton and 4th European) in the inaugural running of the FEI 160km Shk Mohammed Al Maktoum Endurance Cup, Dubai, Jan 2008 (The “richest endurance ride in the world.”) Janice was ranked 7th in FEI World Ranking 2007 (Rider/Horse Combination). She was also the Winner of the British FEI Championship 2007, Winner of the Senior Grand Prix Trophy 2007 (Most points in Endurance Rides (i.e. races) by a British rider) and Winner 160km Dukeries, May 2007 (her debut 160km).

Janice’s ambitions within Endurance are to represent GBR and to continue to train and ride at international level for many more years to come. Her crew include Janine Wade, Sashi Davies and husband Iain Cockley-Adams.

Janice’s daily regime is certainly tough. She states “I typically work around 10 hours a day which can include late evenings too for calls to colleagues in the USA, so the horses fit around this – riding before and/or after work. I am usually up and out for 5 am daily and pleased to finish before 7.30pm. When travelling abroad for work I try to minimise overnight stays whenever I can. This means very long days if I have meetings in Europe (leave home at 4.30am and back 11.00pm) but it fits in better with managing the horses. When I am away on business my husband rides the horses. When I’m not competing, the weekends are dominated by long rides, sessions on the gallops and catching up with jobs around the house and land.”

Janice’s top tips for success in Endurance are discipline; hard work; planning; diary notes and a holistic approach – physical, mental and environmental. “You need to understand each horse and recognise when it has reached its potential - not all horses are good at endurance, some actually like jumping or excel at dressage etc.”

We asked Janice what her most memorable riding story was...

“I guess the first time I rode Khadidja in a Race ride in France. After only riding her for an hour, I agreed to buy her 2 months before I did the 200km 2 Jours Montcuq ride where I first took ownership of her. Half way round on the first day I leant over to straighten my stirrup and she bucked me off and ran off down the trail. At that moment I saw my life savings running away and I got up and sprinted uphill for 2 km before finally catching up with her. Her seller had told me no sudden movements as she was hyper sensitive but I guess I forgot until I was sprinting after her! My pride was a bit hurt that day but nothing else. However we went on to the second day and had a very successful and safe 10th place which considering I was only looking to complete before the long journey back to the UK and I didn’t really know her I was very pleased. It was the start of a great relationship and one in which she is now very much my girl.”


Christine Yeoman has an impressive list of previous team selections including2003 FEI European Endurance Championships, Ireland, 2006 World Equestrian Games, Aachen, 2007 FEI European Endurance Championships, Portugal, 2008 FEI World Endurance Championships, Malaysia and 2009 FEI European Endurance Championships, Assisi, Italy where she was selected but couldn't go!

Chris has been riding since she was a child but gave up as teenager then started again as adult, and has now been competing in Endurance for approximately 12 years. Her best results to date include 17th and top British rider in Aachen on LM Taquillero, 160km win on LM Taquillero and fastest speed on 160km in UK 2009, 120km win in Belgium, 160 Km win on LM Midday, 160 km win on Farouk de Lozelle, 160 km qualification for Kentucky on home bred mare, Forest and her 120km win in France on Diyla

Chris’s ambitions are “to compete in a championship and win a medal” and her crew include husband John Yeoman, farrier Nigel Perrott, Michelle Macleod, Lisa Davenport, Nikki Malcolm and Olwen Bryer. Chris says that husband John is the most influential person in her life, “Without his support I would not be where I am now. I trust his judgement on race day to make sure all at base is taken care of, so that when I come into a vet hold any information I need is correct “

Chris’s top tip for success in Endurance is “Fitness of not only horse but also the rider is essential.” Chris says her most memorable Endurance story was not at a top level event, but “doing my first 80km ride at Cirencester to achieve advanced status - it poured with rain all day! And my first race ride at Ludlow in the blazing sun which I won. That was the start to my competitive career.”

Chris has two horses qualified for WEG: LM MIDDAY, an 11yo grey Arab mare whom Chris has owned for 5 years, and has consistently performed well, including winning Dukeries 2009 160km, 2nd in France 130km and being on the British Team for 2008 FEI World Endurance Championships, Malaysia.

The second horse is CJ'S GAI FOREST, a 10 yo homebred chestnut Arab mare (Ganemede/Gold Sahri) who’s results include 1st 120km, 6th 160km 2009 and 2nd 160km 2010.


David Yeoman rode a lot as a child up to 21 yo, including Polo, Point to Point, Eventing, Pony Club, but then had to go to work for 20 years. David has been competing in Endurance since 2005 and chose this sport because “my Sister-in-Law got me re-involved with riding in 2004/05, and I just took to endurance like a duck to water!” Needless to say the Sister-In-Law is Christine Yeoman!

David’s first Endurance ride was at Forest of Dean 42KM in 2005 and after successfully building up his experience every year, David has had a fantastic year already in 2010. His best results to date are 1st Cirencester 164KM FEI ***, 2nd Haywood Oaks 120KM FEI** both in 2010, and 1st Euston Park 121KM FEI** in 2009, all on Haszdr. David has also clocked up a fair few Golden Horseshoe miles over the years on Eleazar De Landas, achieving Gold at Golden Horseshoe in 2006 and 2008 , and Silver in 2007. David rode on the Development Squad Team last year at Mont Le Soie , Belgium , FEI** 120 km.

Cockley-Adams delighted to be on her way to the World Equestrian Games

Article at http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/sport/Cockley-Adams-delighted-way-World-Equestrian-Games/article-2536761-detail/article.html

SEVENHAMPTON endurance rider Janice Cockley-Adams will be taking on the world this year, when she represents Great Britain at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games.

The Games take place at Kentucky in the USA (September 25 to October 10) and Cockley- Adams is one of five riders named on the GB endurance squad, with her 15hh chestnut mare Roxane du bout du Monde.

They will face a tough challenge, racing over a 160km course in what is one of the most demanding equestrian disciplines.

"This is a terrific honour and a real challenge," Cockley- Adams said. "Selection for the World Championships is the high point of my career so far and the result of years of hard work juggling a full time career with looking after, training and competing my horses."

Cockley-Adams proved just how tough she is back in June when she broke her collarbone, requiring an operation to repair the damage. She was on a plane to the USA for a business trip 36 hours later and back in the saddle in less than 14 days.

She started riding relatively late, in her early 20s, having been a county level athlete, and took part in her first endurance race ride in 1990. In 2007 Cockley-Adams won her first 160km title, at the renowned Dukeries ride, and was ranked seventh in the world.

Last year she was the best Brit in the inaugural FEI 160km Sheik Mohammed Al Maktoum Endurance Cup, the world's richest endurance ride held in Dubai, and in 2010 finished second in the Haywood Oaks 160km ride.

Joining her on the World team will be husband and wife Chris and David Yeomans, from Somerset, Ros Clapp and Beccy Broughton-Booker.

"We have a top class team of riders who have competed successfully in international rides many times," remarked Chef d'Equipe, Liz Finney. "Their horses have all proved that they are capable of the speeds necessary nowadays to win team medals and we will be competing in Kentucky with a real chance of a top team position."

The team has had to raise their own funds to make the trip – anyone looking to help their gallant cause can visit www.endurancegb.co.uk and follow the links to WEG Kentucky.

The World Equestrian Games is held every four years.

Endurance WEG Team member back in the saddle

Equestrianteamgbr.co.uk - Full Article


It takes a lot of grit and determination, not to mention physical stamina, to be an endurance rider at the top level, especially if you have just given birth to a daughter and intend to be on the team for the World Equestrian Games (WEG) to be held in Kentucky, USA in September.

Ros Clapp, 37, from Baltonsborough, Somerset, completed the 80km Endurance Ride at Barbary Castle on 7th August, with her team horse, Nazeeka, just 27 days after her second daughter, Jenna, was born. She then attended the team training day the following day, and Jenna came too – her first experience of crewing, though she slept through most of the action.

“I feel fine. I did some walking and kept active while I was pregnant and managed to stay reasonably fit. My physio said that running was not so good so now I am working on getting my core strength back, doing Pilates and my father-in-law has leant me his exercise bike!”, said Ros, who also has a 2 year old daughter, Polly.

“It was good to be back competing again. There was quite a bit of canter work on 80km ride and at the training day, which was good for my calves! Nazeeka was in good form and did all the work. My Mum and sister have been helping keep her fit and she did a 120km ride while I was not riding, so now she just needs some hill work to get her really fit for the WEG..."


Rider Profile: Christine Yeoman


Date of Birth:

25th April 1963

When/how long ago did you take up riding?

Have been riding since child but gave up as teenager then started again as adult

Previous team selection:

2003 FEI European Endurance Championships, Ireland
2006 World Equestrian Games, Aachen
2007 FEI European Endurance Championships, Portugal
2008 FEI World Endurance Championships, Malaysia
2009 FEI European Endurance Championships, Assisi, Italy - Selected but couldn't go

Best Achievements:

17th and top British rider in Aachen on LM Taquillero
160km win on LM Taquillero and fastest speed on 160km in UK 2009
120km win in Belgium
160 Km win on LM Midday
160 km win on Farouk de Lozelle
160 km qualification for Kentucky on home bred mare, Forest
120km win in France on Diyla


John Yeoman, husband
Nigel Perrott, Farrier
Michelle Macleod, crew
Lisa Davenport, crew
Nikki Malcolm, crew
Olwen Bryer, crew

How long have you been competing in endurance?

Approximate 12 years

Why did you choose endurance as your competitive discipline?

I always liked a long hack!!

When and where was your first equestrian competition?

1998 was my first endurance competition, a 30km ride on my first endurance horse Dahmiah

Top tips for success in endurance:

Fitness of not only horse but also rider essential

Do you have any superstitions?

I don’t really have any but I don’t change anything before the ride for the last couple of weeks but that is more playing it safe than superstition.

Ambitions within endurance:

To compete in a championship and win a medal

Ambitions in sporting career:

To win a team medal

Ambitions after sporting career:

To travel more and go down the Amazon River. Also to keep running and try cycling

Who is the most influential person in your life?

My husband John without his support I would not be where I am now. I trust his judgement on race day and trust him to make sure all at base is taken care of for when I come into a vet hold and any information I need is correct

What is your most memorable riding story?

Doing my first 80km ride at Cirencester to achieve advanced status - it poured with rain all day! And my first race ride at Ludlow in the blazing sun which I won. That was the start to my competitive career.

Who are your current sponsors?

Saddle Exchange with reactor panel saddles are very good to me

David Yeoman joins re-jigged WEG endurance team - Horseandhound.co.uk - Full Article

Abigail Butcher, H&H head of news

5 August, 2010

A substitution has been made on the British endurance team heading to Kentucky this September for the World Equestrian Games (WEG).

The in-form David Yeoman and his ride Haszar have been picked from the bank of reserves to replace Alice Beet after her horse, Laouenne De Kerpont, went lame.

The original line-up was announced on 7 July.

"Although with rest it is a small problem, I am not prepared to travel Laouenne if I have any doubts in my mind. If I go I was planning to have a crack at it!" said Alice...


Christine forms part of 'exceptionally good team' -Thisisplymouth.com - Full Article

July 23 2010

Senior endurance rider Christine Yeoman will contest her second World Equestrian Games after Endurance GB team selectors confirmed her place on the squad heading to Kentucky in September.

"I am really proud to be part of what I believe is an exceptionally good team.

"There is a very strong chance of bringing back a medal this time," said the Shepton-Mallet rider who competed at the last WEG in Aachen and twice at European Championships.

Chairman of Selectors, Di Latham, said on behalf of the selectors and management team; "We are confident that we have a strong team, with a vast amount of experience at international and championship level, capable of competing against the best in the world for medals".


West trio make up backbone of endurance team - Thisisbristol.co.uk

30 July, 2010

Three of the five-strong endurance team heading to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) later this year are from the West.

Christine Yeoman (riding CJS Gai Forest or L M Midday) and Ros Clapp (Nazeeka) both hail from Somerset, while Janice Cockley-Adams (Roxane du bout du Monde or Khadidja du Pont) is from Sevenhampton in Gloucestershire.

Their teammates are Alice Beet (Laouenn de Kerpont) and Beccy Broughton-Booker (Java Sunlight or Tawmarsh Muharrem).

Based at Downhead, near Shepton Mallet, Christine was on the squad for the last WEG in Aachen and twice at European Championships, and is hopeful of the team's chances. She said: "I am really proud to be part of what I believe is an exceptionally good team. There is a very strong chance of bringing back a medal this time."

Janice Cockley Adams is on good form having taken top places at two international rides this year. She said: "I'm thrilled to have been selected to represent Great Britain. This has been my goal for a long time now and is the result of lots of hard work and sacrifices..."


GB endurance team for World Equestrian Games announced - Horseandhound.co.uk

Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer
7 July, 2010

The British endurance team heading to Kentucky for the World Equestrian Games has been confirmed.

Alice Beet, Beccy Broughton-Booker, Ros Clapp, Janice Cockley-Adams and Christine Yeoman will represent Great Britain at WEG (25 September-10 October)

And the non-travelling reserves will be Charlotte Bryd, Karen Jones, Sarah Rogerson and David Yeoman.

The team horses are yet to be announced.

"We are confident that we have a strong team, with a vast amount of experience at international and championship level, capable of competing against the best in the world for medals," said chairman of selectors, Di Latham...

Read more here:

Alison Saunders has reached the Summit of Kilimanjaro - Endurancegb.co.uk

30th June 2010

ALISON SAUNDERS HAS REACHED THE SUMMIT OF KILIMANJARO..... all in aid of fundraising for the British Endurance Team for WEG

It’s not just EGB members who are involved in the fundraising for our British Team this year...

Alison Saunders, friend of Nicky Sherry and supporter of endurance riding, is raising funds through sponsorship to climb Kilimanjaro...

Alison Saunders started her climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro around the 20th of June . Alison lives very close to Nicky and uses Bodmin Moor as part of her training. Most weekends Nicky has caught her up while she is striding across the moor and she has been able to catch up on how her training is going. Nicky tells us that “over the last few months she has increased the distance she walks carrying a rucksack on her back with around 5/6 kgs of weight in it. Apart from this she is training in the gym, attending spinning classes (static cycling), weight training, using the cross trainers and training walks. She works near to the Quantocks and so has been up there striding across the hills as well. Last week she had a week’s holiday and managed to cover around 60 miles walking!! She is very dedicated to the cause and I have every confidence that she will complete the climb - the only obstacle in her path being that she will not know until she gets there whether she will suffer from altitude sickness.”

Alison has become an expert in not only getting herself fit and her diet but in carrying lightweight articles of all clothing. Nicky has had many a conversation on this with her and it is quite incredible what you can get. Alison works in the NHS and has got a lot of support from fellow work mates and so we are now asking you to put your hands into your pockets and supporting Alison by giving a few pence towards her success and helping our team in their quest in Kentucky.

Simply make a donation through the Kentucky Fundraising page on the Endurance GB website - http://www.endurancegb.co.uk/cat/catindex.asp?d=4

Great Britain: Endurance stars set out on Kentucky fund-raising routes

Yorkshirepost.co.uk - Full Article

08 March 2010

By Jill Armstrong

ENDURANCE riders and anybody wanting to try it out, have a new series of rides to look forward to this season.

The rides are being organised by Endurance GB to help raise funds to support the British team at this year's World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

Around 23 Kentucky Rides will be taking place at different venues between now and August. These non-competitive rides will cover a range of distances to suit all levels of experience, from 10 miles to routes of 25 miles.

They are open to non-members and will be an opportunity to ride over some lovely countryside, often over land not normally open to the public. Riders can take part either for pleasure or to prepare for the competition season ahead.

"We have a really talented pool of riders and hope to be sending a strong team to Kentucky," said Jo Claridge, EGB chairman.

More at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/equestrian/Endurance-stars-set-out-on.6128369.jp

Endurance GB Launches Fundraising Initiatives for 2010 WEG

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Endurance GB (EGB) has launched new fundraising initiatives to support the British Team at this yea's World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, USA.

The Kentucky Sponsorship Form

As many of you realise we are looking at methods of raising money to help the costs of our team at the world championships in Kentucky in 2010. If we are sending a team, plus one or two individuals then it is imperative that we send the best team and also the best prepared team as possible.

These members are representing Endurance in Great Britain and we feel it is important that we support them in every way we can, especially with the costs of transport. A figure of GBP20.000 is the calculation to send each member there, so we need to be raising about GBP120,000. Even more important is the exposure that Endurance will get at home if we can achieve this, leading in the future to a greater membership and further sponsorship.

In order to raise funds all E.G.B. members are asked to get themselves sponsored for every kilometre they ride at NCR.s, CR.s, or ER.s during the months of February, March and April.

The form is self explanatory. On the front of the card write down your own details, and then the name, address and telephone number of your sponsors and include how much per km they are sponsoring you for. (either 1p per km, 5p per km or 10p per km). On the back of the card write down the date, venue and distance for each ride you have competed at and get it signed by the ride secretary on completion of the ride.

I feel in these three months the average member will be riding approximately between 100 and 200 kilometers, some maybe a little less and some many more. Aim to get at least 20 sponsors onto your cards and hopefully each member could make between GBP200 and GBP400. Having collected your sponsorship money then send your completed cards back to the EGB Office (address below) with the appropriate money by the end of April. If you complete your card early then extra cards are available from headquarters, or from Robert Blane (01845 526185)

There will be a special prize for the individual who raises the most money and also for the group who does likewise.

Good luck. Keep smiling. And here’s to winning the world championships.

Kentucky Rides For Fun

Endurance GB (EGB) has launched new fundraising initiatives to support the British Team at this year’s World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, USA. The Kentucky Rides Series will provide an opportunity to encourage new members while also raising funds to Well over [number] Kentucky Rides are expected to take place at venues throughout the country between now and August 2010.

Kentucky Rides are a series of Non-Competitive rides organised by regional EGB groups, covering a range of distances to suit all levels of experience from 10 miles to longer rides of 25 miles. The rides are open to non members and offer a fabulous opportunity to ride over beautiful countryside, often over private land not normally open to the public. Riders will take part either for pleasure or as preparation for the competition season ahead.

"We have a really talented pool of riders and hope to be sending a strong team to the WEG in Kentucky. These rides are an excellent way for those interested in endurance riding to get a taste of what is involved, or just enjoy the beautiful countryside while raising valuable funds to support our international squad", says Jo Claridge, EGB Chairman.

Britain has been committed to fielding an international endurance team since the first FEI event in 1984 and British teams have an excellent track record in World and European championships, at one time holding more team and individual medals than all other countries except the USA and France. International teams are largely self funding and rely on fundraising to support their endeavours.

Kentucky - Three Peaks Challenge

A team of your Championship squad members and supporters are coming together to take on the three highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales all in 24 hours.

This gruelling, true endurance challenge will be attempted by riders Rachel Atkinson, Beccy Broughton, Rachel Claridge, Annie Joppe, Sarah Rogerson, Nicky Sherry and crew member Steve Masterson with well known photographer and already once successful 3 Peaks challenger David Saunders. A team of supporters will also be backing up the challengers throughout.

We will begin in Scotland with the ascent and descent of Ben Nevis, drive 7 hours to our next climb, Scafell Pike and then onto Wales with the ascent and descent of Snowdonia all within 24 hours.

Continual updates of the teams plans will be posted on the EGB website and our Team GBR Endurance 3 Peaks facebook page but for the time being please support us and donate here or if anyone can support us in the form of sponsorship to cover the various parts of the challenge or would like to be part of our team please contact us.

Kentucky - Tricia Hirst – Comrades Marathon

Having done the London Marathon and the New York Marathon last year, my entry has been accepted for my next challenge - The Comrades Marathon which is actually an Ultra marathon 56 miles in under 12 hours. This takes place in South Africa every year and you can read all about it at www.comrades.com Runners come from all over the world and out of the 20,000 runners they only accept 5,000 first time novice runners each year. These places were taken up within 27hrs of the opening date. I have always strongly believed that money should not stop anyone putting their name forward to compete on a British team. So any money you can spare would go towards the team effort to enable anyone who is selected to have the opportunity to go and fly the flag for us. If you would like to help in this way please sponsor me on my endurance challenge. We would be very grateful no matter how little you can afford. Please make your donation here

Kentucky - Chris Yeoman - Bath Half Marathon

Faising Funds for the EGB WEF funda and also to raise money for MS - "as you will all know I have had this now for a lot of years and have had a lot of help from various sources I now feel the need to give something back and to help others with MS achieve their goals in life whatever they may be". To donate to this charity please see my just giving page: http://www.justgiving.com/CHRISTINE-YEOMAN or make your donation to EGB


For more information, forms, donations, and list of rides, see http://www.endurancegb.co.uk/html/fundraising.html.