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Canada 2010 World Equestrian Games News

Endurance Alternate Injured

Monday September 20 2010

Canadian endurance rider Carol Steiner was injured when her horse Jumpin' Jax bucked her off in a training ride. She sustained several broken ribs, a possible broken collarbone and punctured lung. It was thought that the horse tangled with some yellow jackets. Carol and Jax were second alternates for the Canadian Endurance Team. Carol remains in the hospital in Lexington recovering from her injuries.

12 Sept Crimson King - Trisha Dowling's Blog: There and Back Again

12 Sept Crimson King

Back in Lexington after the wettest I've ever been at an endurance ride. Six hours in the pouring rain on Friday with Mocha took out my black boots and chaps, and another 6 hours in the rain with Cain took out my brown boots and chaps. Some weird felt-like lining under the insoles of my brown boots gave way and turned to mush and balled up under my feet. It felt gross. When we'd go up a hill, 4 inches of water would run to my heels and when we went down a hill, the water would run to my toes. But unlike Canada, Tennessee rain is at least warm in September so we weren't frozen. Rain in Canada is NEVER warm, even in July. And the ground drains better in Tennessee than Lexington, so even with all the rain I was able to get the truck and trailer out of the field.

So here's my summary of the weekend at the Big South Fork rides: After the first horrible day of badly marked trails, ride management got some help and the trails were much better marked for the next 2 days. Some intersections were still very confusing, but riding with the former ride manager is always a good idea!The trails are beautiful and tough - especially in the pouring rain. Lots and lots of rock, but the ground around the rock is sandy. So the horses seemed to slip less than at Ft Howes in the rain. I was amazed at how few horses were pulled for lameness all weekend - even Cain and Mocha! And some of the southeast riders go "hell bent for leather" over those rocks. I didn't even hear of anyone losing shoes, whereas the Kentucky Cup trail was littered with pulled shoes. I only saw a few people using Easy Boots and I didn't see any bare foot horses.

Riding the trail yesterday with Angie McGhee was a treat!...


Endurance Canada Announces WEG Squad and Alternate Riders - Horse-canada.com

July 30, 2010

Ottawa, ON - The Endurance Canada International Committee is pleased to announce the squad and alternates who will represent Canada at the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) to be held in Lexington, KY September 25–October 10, 2010.

Endurance Canada WEG Squad
Rider - Home Town - Horse
Elroy Karius - Kelowna, BC - Apache Eclypse
Gail Jewell - Kelowna, BC - NL Temptation
Robert Gielen - Norton, NB - F.C. Galaxy
Ruth Sturley - Owen Sound, ON - RBF Super Sport
Yvette Vinton - Morriston, FL - Teese

Gail Jewell - Kelowna, BC - Diamond Reo
Terre O’Brennan - Delta, BC - Koszaar
Carol Steiner - Vanessa, ON - Jumpin’ Jax
Kathy Irvine - Blackfoot, AB - Nightwind’s Savanah
Trisha Dowling - Saskatoon, SK - ZF Mocha
Gail Jewell - Kelowna, BC - A Salisbury Rose
Leanna Marchant - Calgary, AB - Samsons Fire

“On behalf of Endurance Canada International, I am extremely pleased to announce the list of ranked riders and alternates for the upcoming World Equestrian Games in Kentucky,” said Myna Cryderman, chair of Endurance Canada International Subcommittee. “I know how hard all the contenders for these positions have worked for their opportunity to represent Canada at these Games. I congratulate all of riders for their efforts.”

Members of the squad and alternates will arrive in Lexington on September 18th, giving them time to focus prior to the competition on September 26. The 160 km race, which will wind through the beautiful bluegrass countryside, will consist of five compulsory veterinary checks and hold times where the horses will be carefully monitored. The riders must complete the course in less than 12 hrs 20 min, but it is anticipated that the winning times will be much faster, but the final time is always dependent on weather conditions.

“I’ve had a wonderful opportunity this year to attend numerous FEI CEI 3* 160 km competitions in both the US and Canada to observe our elite athletes compete with top riders in North America who were building their resumes and fine-tuning their conditioning — all in preparation for the WEG,” Kay Melvin, Chef d’équipe of the Canadian Endurance Team. “I sincerely congratulate the members of our squad, and I look forward to being with them and the rest of the team officials and crew in Kentucky doing what we do best, which is working as a Team going for a spot on the podium.”

The official first veterinary inspection will occur on September 25, and following the inspection, the official Team and Individual competitors will be announced.

Horse and rider pushed to the limits - BCLocalnews.com - full article

By Mike Simmons - Kelowna Capital News
Published: July 30, 2010 11:00 PM

It costs $20,000 US to send a horse overseas by FedEx.

But local endurance horseback riders Gail Jewell and Elroy Karius have dodged that cost this year, as the World Equestrian Games visit North America for the first time.

Jewell and Karius both qualified for the Canadian team during nationals held July 1 in New Lowell, Ont.

The 100-mile race was completed in sections. The pair would ride out in a 12 to 20 mile loop from camp, return and hold with the race timer still running, and then go out again.

“Technically, you have 24 hours to complete a 100-mile race,” said Jewell.

At the level the pair are currently riding at, the distance usually takes anywhere from eight to 12 hours...


Canadian Endurance Riders Excel in North American FEI Events

June 30, 2010

Ottawa, ON— Following The Kentucky Cup — the pre-ride for the World Equestrian Games (WEG) — Canadian endurance horses and riders have travelled thousands of miles, in pursuit of their dream to qualify and compete for Canada, either in the World Equestrian Games this September or in future major international events. In FEI competitions from all over North America, Canadian riders and their amazing equine partners have excelled, building on their already-enviable ride records. In addition to the FEI events, these riders have actively participated in open rides as well with outstanding results.

• Elroy Karius & Jolly Holiday: FEI 2* 75 miles (Williston, FL) — sixth place
• Gail Jewell & A Salisbury Rose: FEI 3* 100 miles (Inyokern, CA) — fourth place
• Carol Steiner & Jumpin’ Jax: FEI 1* 100 miles (Ocala, FL) — third place; FEI 3* 100 (Decatar, TX) – seventh place
• Carol Steiner & Merlin FEI 3* (Moriston, FL) — seventh place
• Dessia Miller & Parker AES: FEI 2* 75 miles (Asheville, NC) — second place
• Monique Vincent on MJL Olivia: FEI 1* 50 miles (Decatur, TX)—First place
• Lee Hutten & Diamond Reo: FEI 1* 75 mile (Morrison, FL)
• Ruth Sturley & Futurystic: FEI 1* 50 miles (Asheville, NC) —first place
• Yvette Vinton & Jal Bas Kalid: FEI 1* 50 miles (Ocala, FL) — 10th place
• Yvette Vinton & Tesse FEI 3* 100 miles (Williston, FL) — 20th place
• Yvette Vinton & JS Sedona FEI 1* 50 miles (Williston, FL) — first place

Most recent successes for our elite riders have been at competitions at Horseshoe Lake, AB, held May 21, 2010, and Fort Howes, MT, held June 12, 2010. Those results include
• Terre O’Brennan & Koszaar: FEI 3* 100 miles (Alberta) — first place
• Ariel MacLeod & Driftwoods Zorro : FEI 3* 100 miles (Alberta) — third place and Best Condition award
• Kathy Irvine & Nightwind Savannah: FEI 3* 100 miles (Alberta) — second place; FEI 2* 75 miles (Montana) — third place and Best Condition award
• Leanna Marchant & Samsons Fire: FEI 2* 75miles (Alberta) —first place and Best Condition award; FEI 2* 75 miles (Montana) — second place
• Christy Janzen & Sakic: FEI 2* 75 mile (Alberta) — second place
• Karen Badger & Pilgrim: FEI 2* 75 mile (Alberta) —third place
• Caroline Williams & Diamond Reo: FEI 2* (Alberta)— fourth place
• Tara MacLeod & Sea Biscuit: FEI 1* (Alberta)— first place
• Mary-Ann Dorchester & SH Special Edition: FEI1* (Alberta) — second place
• Amy Hoffman & Jr’s Last Chance: FEI 1* (Alberta) — third place
• Lee Hutton & KD Colonel: FEI 2* 75 miles (Montana) — third place and Best Condition award
• Gail Jewell, DVM & Jolly Holiday: FEI 3* 100 Miles (Alberta) — fourth place
• Monique Vincent on MJL Olivia: FEI 2* 50 miles (Montana) — fifth place

The next and final challenge for these riders hoping for a berth on the 2010 WEG Team will be the 2010 Canadian Distance Championship in New Lowell, ON, on July 1, 2010. Following the Championship, the 2010 WEG squad will be named.

“The Canadian Championship will be an opportunity to prove our horses’ capabilities and may well change the WEG rankings,” said Elroy Karius from Kelowna, BC, who is currently sitting number one in the WEG rankings. “There are some very excellent horse and rider teams coming on strong.”

The Endurance Championship will include FEI 1*, 2* and 3* events, with Young Riders’ divisions. The majority of the WEG-nominated riders from Eastern Canada, as well as a few from the West, will compete under the watchful eyes of several of the Team officials: Kay Melvin, Chef d’équipe; Maura Leahy, Assistant Chef; Stan Alkemade, Assistant Team Veterinarian; and Kim Woolley, Team Coach.

“Personally, I’m finding it exciting as we have so many riders and horses trying out for a spot on the team, which is something our Canadian team has lacked in the past due to cost of sending horses overseas,” said Melvin. “Having this WEG on our doorstep has definitely changed how our riders have planned their competitions in this past couple of years. It has opened up opportunities for some who might not have considered competing at this level before.”

Declared Riders & Horses for 2010 WEG

March 19, 2010

The Endurance Canada International Committee is pleased to announce the Declared riders and horses for the World Equestrian Games 2010 to be held in Lexington KY September 2010.

The qualification period for final selection continues to July 15, 2010 after which the Squad and Alternate list will be announced.

A current ranking list will be released shortly, and will be based on competition results to March 12, 2010. Thereafter an updated ranking list will be posted monthly based on the results submitted to that time.

The Declared riders and horses in alphabetical order are:

Rider - Horse
Wendy Benns - Supreme Justice
Patricia Dowling - ZF Mocha
Robert Gielen - FC Galaxy
Lee Hutten - Apache Eclipse
Lee Hutten - Phantom
Kathy Irvine - Nightwinds Savanah
Gail Jewell - A Salisbury Rose
Gail Jewell - Diamond Reo
Gail Jewell - Jolly Holiday
Gail Jewell - Apache Eclipse
Gail Jewell - NL Temptation
Elroy Karius - Apache Eclipse
Elroy Karius - NL Temptation
Elroy Karius - A Salisbury Rose
Elroy Karius - Diamond Reo
Elroy Karius - Jolly Holiday
Carol Lewin - Queen's Legacy
Tara MacLeod - Driftwoods Bellanca
Tara MacLeod - Driftwoods Zorro
Tara MacLeod - Cairos Summer Romance
Leanna Marchant - Samsons Fire
Jan Marsh - Morning Line
Terre O'Brennan - Koszaar
Carol Steiner - Jumpin Jax
Ruth Sturley - RBF Super Sport
Yvette Vinton - Teese
Caroline Williams - Perpetual Bliss

More information at Endurancecanada.ca