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Re: [RC] Diagonals - Don Huston

Okay. So when on the left diagonal the horse is driving with the right rear. The right rear hock had a thoroughpin 3-4 years ago that healed and quit swelling after about 1 year so maybe it's not a muscle weakness but some leftover damage to that leg. Currently there is no visual difference in the hocks and I get no pain response when squeezing the joint very hard.

Is there a test or stretch to see if a hock is the problem?

The front hooves are not the same either but the left is bigger, wider, less contracted. Go figure....

I do the trimming and Datezz has been barefoot for 6-7 years and he has used many different types of boots for endurance. 18 months ago we started on a "bare hoof" conditioning program consisting of " No boots at any time except for endurance rides". His hooves are not perfect yet but those barefoot 13 miles yesterday had long stretches of trotting on rock strewn hard packed jeep roads and walking up steep rocky climbs with only an occasional flinch. We trotted and cantered the last mile in and stopped at the gate to pulse down. He was in a full sweat (me too, 70F, 65%humidity) with no walk in cool down and the HRM dropped from 140 to 54 in 7min. His avg HR for the 2 hours was 123bpm. I'm relating this info so you can tell that Datezz is working well even tho he is unbalanced so it's not like his weak leg is gonna fall off. Since I am working less (not by choice) and riding more I thought it would be wise to concentrate on getting Datezz more even and I appreciate all this info.

I will keep increasing the time spent on the left diagonal. After we get more balance in his trot then I will come back for help on the canter which is also unbalanced.....aw crap, how could that be, can't we just do a different gait and have everything be okay?

Don Huston

At 07:19 AM 11/13/2009 Friday, Marirose Six wrote:
If you are sitting with the left fore down, then you would be rising
with the left fore, therefore, you are on the left diagonal. :o)



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[RC] Diagonals, Don Huston