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Re: [RC] Diagonals on Curves - Elizabeth Walker

I would like this one clarified as well.  I normally post so that I am standing when the inside leg hits the ground going around a curve.  This is opposite of what sherman wrote, so I would be interested in hearing rationale for each one.

I stand when the inside leg is on the ground just because it feels better -- if it is a tight turn, it seems to me to be easier for the horse to make the turn if the inside leg is weighted, rather than the outside leg.   If I am riding in an arena in a circle, I would also stand when the inside leg is on the ground, so there is no difference in riding a turn on the trail and riding a tight circle in the arena.

On Nov 13, 2009, at 9:19 AM, sherman wrote:

Whichever fore you are sitting on, you are rising as the other moves forward, and the fore that you are rising with determines which diagonal you are posting to. I wouldn't worry about wording, though, just know that the correct diagonal to be on while circling or trotting on a curve on the trail will be when you are sitting when the inside fore hits the ground. I think posting on the incorrect diagonal (for the direction you are traveling) as well as weakness of the horse on that diagonal will have an effect on the roughness that you might feel.
If I got that wrong, someone please correct me.

[RC] Diagonals, sherman