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[RC] Diagonals - Don Huston

Well I feel a little awkward discussing my diagonal problem with my primitive terms but I'm sure some of you experts will get a chuckle and I have already learned a lot from all your responses.

Today we rode some circles. Made a few laps to get the kinks out and let him spook at the dead limbs and quail etc then settled in and watched his shoulders and my posting while trotting around to the right. The easiest thing for me to identify was the leg that was hitting the ground. The front of the shoulder made a little wiggle from the impact. So we are still trotting to the right and I'm sitting as the left fore is hitting the ground. For some reason I found it much easier to tell which fore was hitting the ground as I sat, not as I rose....so what diagonal was I on?

After a few rounds on that diag I double bumped to the other diag and sure enough I was sitting as the right fore was hitting the ground and the horse just kept trotting around to the right moving the same as before and my posting was almost the same because the unevenness doesn't start until he gets more tired.

Did the same around to the left using both diags and made sure I could always tell which fore was hitting the ground as I sat during the trot.

We rode 13 miles in 2 hours with lots of small hills and as he tired it became very clear that the rough diag occurred as I sat when the left fore hit the ground and then I was pushed up hard and it took more effort on my part to continue posting on that diag. Again, which diagonal is that?

The other thing going on was it felt like I was pushed up hard and a little to the right when on this rough diag, like it was the action of the left hind coming forward and bumping me not the right hind driving as I sat. Is that possible?

Whenever I bumped to the other diag and sat as the right fore hit the ground the posting was much smoother and easier to maintain.

Please don't suggest any vet or chiro or stuff that costs money because I'm broke but I would very much appreciate any other ideas.

Don Huston


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