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[RC] And the winner of the question to the Moon and the Stars is... - Tom Sites

Thank you Rosalie Marley, for a very thorough and insightful answer to my question.  ts

Hi Tom -
I don't know about horses coughing or breathing through their mouths.  But I know a little about astronomy!  I hope this sheds some light on your other questions:

I thought about your question about why our moon and sun have no specific name.  My thought is that when people took notice of them and gave them names, their names were Sun and Moon.  After telescopes were invented and people figured out that there were other "moons", they gave them names to avoid confusion.  There was a time when people (well, at least those that we trace our language and traditions to) thought that our Sun was the center of the universe, and that the other stars were merely lights.  So there was only one "Sun".  It wasn't until more modern understandings of the stars came about that we figured out they were all suns.   LOL I just looked at Wikipedia (not sure how accurate that is) and they pretty much say the same thing.

Names like Alpha Centauri have logic behind them.  Stars were considered to belong to a constellation.  Within each constellation, there were brighter and dimmer stars.  So the brightest one was named "Alpha" and the parent constellation.  In your example, Alpha Centauri is the brightest star in the constellation Centaurus.  (In truth, Alpha Centari is two stars that circle each other, known as a binary.  The stars are named "Alpha Centauri A" and "Alpha Centauri B" in modern nomenclature.)  Here's an interesting link to the mythology behind Centarus and Sagittarius - http://www.coldwater.k12.mi.us/lms/planetarium/myth/Centaurus.html

The Greeks were not the only astronomers.  The Arabs were also great astronomers and mathematicians at one time, and they gave us star names like Altair,  Betelgeuse and Fomalhaut. 
I hope all is well with you and your family. 
Rosalie Marley
I have the ability of single-minded determination and focus... Hey, look! A horse!

So Angie wants to know why horses that don't breathe thru their mouths cough?  It has nothing to do with breathing but everything to do with discharging air from the lungs.
The defination of a cough is... to expell air from the lungs in a noisy or spasmodic manner.  I had horses cough that had pneumonia  which is an inflammation of the lung tissue. 
I know horses choke and that defination is....to stop the breathing of by obstructing or constricting the windpipe. Those horses usually ate too much too quick.
It sounds to me that a cough and a choke are first cousins, as a cough comes from the lungs and a choke is a constriction of the windpipe, which is one step from the lungs if i'm not mistaken.  But i don't know.
I guess i don't find it odd that horses cough.  But i'm not a Vet so what do i know?
Does anyone know why the moon and the sun do not have a name?  Jupiters moons have names and Alpha Centauri has a name, so why not our sun/star and moon?

I believe she was asking about coughing, not choking.

Good Morning,
Angie asked if horses don't breathe thru their mouth why do they choke or something to that affect.  I didn't know they did not breathe from the mouth but i'd say since they do eat from their mouth and it goes down a passageway that there could be a tendency for a blockage and therefore a 'choke'.
Now here's my question in honor of the 40th anniversery of Man's first landing on the Moon.
Why is the Moon and the Sun called the Moon and the Sun? Other planets moons have names and other Suns have names, so why does our own moon and sun have no name?

Re: [RC] Questions, Rae Callaway