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Re: [RC] Enough is enough - Sandy Adams

Just as an aside - while I don't have a prob with a rider getting an AERC completion after completing the miles, I do get irked when I go to a ride and there is preferred parking for FEI riders. One ride even the toilets were more available to the FEI location...loL! Sheesh! Frankly, I prefer to have them as out of my hair as possible, since I don't like the whole routine of being in the timer box then the vet box yada yada.... like most riders who love their horses, I want to go feed, water, brush and otherwise care for my horse. I can't do that if I have to stand there in a box with my saddle in one arm (to be dumped on the GROUND since I dont' HAVE crew)and my horse in the other. One of the foundations of AERC is to put the horse first (probably why I do a lousy job of feeding and watering ME!); if finishing fit to continue means taking care of my horse, I BELIEVE my horse is best cared for after an extreme effort by feeding, cooling, watering and otherwise making him or her comfortable. The FEI routine force fed to other AERC riders who are not participating in the FEI event. I believe that is what one might construe as being treated like a second class citizen. A lot of riders, like myself, ride sans crew, so proximity to toilets, vet etc become a consideration, and with a bladder like mine, a real ISSUE.:) So... to be told to go park somewhere else because the spot I came EARLY to get so as to be close to the loo is reserved for FEI riders (probably with better bladders) is rude in my mind. I don't frankly see any diff between volunteers for either event, but I do see a preferential ....'offering' for FEI riders. 

Don't frankly have a issue to give a completion to anyone who pays the fee for AERC ride and completes, regardless of their FEI completion or lack thereof. The more the merrier on that account. I tend to ignore the nonsense, but I do get more than annoyed when an FEI rule such as the silly one box to the next biz affects how I am able to care for my horse. It appears at least, that most FEI riders have an abundance of crew and so probably for THEM standing around in the boxes is no big deal, and of course, they usually have their OWN vet check; but others who sit in a MUCH longer line in most cases, and who may not have crew do not have the opportunity to feed or water their horse properly. That may well make one feel like a 2nd class citizen... the loo issue gets to me too:)

On Mar 10, 2009, at 1:37 PM, marybenstover wrote:

Everytime an AERC ride is also sanctioned as an FEI ride, riders that have no intentions of doing FEI rides are treated like second class citizens, especially those doing LD


That is simply not true.  Maybe you should come to some of other rides which are dual sanctioned and everyone gets along just fine.  I realize that since we are in California that is not possible but we don't have the problems you seem to think are prevelant as you said "everytime" a ride is dual sanctioned.  As a matter of fact I did the timing for all three days of the Desert Gold ride and if it was not for the FEI workers, I would have been in a lot of trouble.  They ran the entire out check for three days and two of them sat at the finish line with me for all three days and did all the weighing in and finish line procedures for all the riders, WHICH INCLUDED DOING THE P/R'S FOR THE LD RIDERS.

At the present time for those entering FEI and can not complete under FEI Rules are allowed to drop down to AERC rules.  AERC doesnt have seperate rules for regularly sanctioned rides so why do we as members continue to let this happen.


I am not sure I understand what AERC members continue to let  happen?  If you are entered in the FEI/AERC ride and you meet the AERC requirements, you get an AERC completion.  What else would you suggest? 
Sometimes the FEI rules are more restrictive and the rider cannot meet them but that does not mean they should not get the AERC completion they worked for and paid the entry fee for, just like everyone else.


Re: [RC] Enough is enough, marybenstover