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Re: [RC] FITS - Lynne Glazer

You're kind of an anonymous little chicken s***, aren't you? Making cracks about how local riders don't attend?! I guess your little "click" <sic> voted with its feet, as it well should. If you don't like the management AND aren't volunteering either your input or your time, then yeah, simply don't go. Do you think you were missed?

Ride managers have many volunteers, not all of whom attend the ride meeting nor have the complete picture. It's too bad you got a "parking Nazi", but when you are running an event, the rules are not always how they are the "rest of the time". Are you absolutely sure that one ranger didn't tell management one thing and another something else? It seems as if you cut that high-paid management zero slack.

If you care THAT MUCH about your ride card, use your cell phone's camera and take a photo of it! Sheesh. Or your digicam. Then you'll have your own "good record".

And it's the rare ride manager that wants to spend, what is it now, $. 41 per entrant plus envelope plus time to address to send those out? I always tried to give them out at the awards, but that's not always possible.

Have you ever managed a ride? Doesn't sound like it. Why don't you just go ahead and file a formal protest. Spend your $200. Better yet, just go ride your horse. For the fun of it.



On Mar 10, 2009, at 12:39 PM, Florida Endurance wrote:

What does it say when you put on a ride and the local riders dont attend? Its not the trails as Goethe and Gator Run utilize the same trails. It is ride management, volunteers, not in the right click or a combination of all?

Volunteers are appreciated at any ride, however, at FITS, some are outright RUDE and tell all kinds of well lets just say it LIES. Case in point was FITS 2007. An away vet check was held at the Tidewater trail head in the Goethe State Forrest. When pit crew arrived, a volunteer yelled and got down right nasty with anyone that parked on the left side of the road stating "the Forrestry Department said you cant park there". This is untrue, three weeks prior not only did we park there, we camped there. Additionally, when I personally arrived, I was speaking with the ranger,who I ironically parked next to on the left hand side of the road and had a conversation with in regard to the differences in the two rides. Once he left, the volunteer jumped me about parking. Get it straight... if its a ride management request, say so, dont blame it on the Forrestry Department.

Additionally, AERC is always telling riders to keep good records, ride cards etc. However if you have ever attended FITS and pulled regardless of the reason (RO, L, M etc) you can not get your ride card back NOT EVEN AT THE END OF THE RIDE. The first year, FITS management stated that they were doing a research project and they would mail the forms back to the rider. Several years later, riders are still awaiting their cards.

This year, when the ride was complete, riders who were pulled were once again told they could not get their ride cards back. If this is for a research study, where is the release acknowledging the riders participation in the study (it has always been required before - even at the Biltmore for the study for the 96 Olympics).

Does it take formal protests thru AERC for riders to receive their cards?


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[RC] FITS, Florida Endurance