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Re: [RC] Convention Rooms - k s swigart

From: "Ranelle Rubin" <raneller@xxxxxxx>

Kat, you obviously missed the point of the entire discussion.

The point is, convention is relatively inexpensive
to attend as an event. Travel/hotels/meals are expensive.
The actual event is not that bad compared to venues
of this type. AERC does this by guaranteeing the hotel
a certain number of sleeping rooms at a certain rate.

On the contrary, it appears to be you who has missed the point.  This
whole discussion started when somebody mentioned that she could get the
same room in the same hotel for a cheaper rate by booking it online
through some online booking agency rather than booking at the "AERC
rate" with the hotel.

And Connie Caudill said, in essence, "don't do that, pay more for your
hotel room because some of the cost of the convention is burried in the
cost of the hotel room if you book it from the AERC's block of rooms."

MY point is that the cost of the convention should be paid for by ALL
the convention attendees, not just those who stay at the hotel and book
from the AERC's block of rooms.  Otherwise, people like me, who stay
with my sister (or Paddi who booked through the online agency, or Joe
Long who is staying at a different hotel or people who share a room, or
whatever), are getting a the convention at a discount at the expense of
those people who book the AERC rooms.

Fine with me if y'all want to subsidize other people's (including mine)
attendance through paying extra for your room.  But you aren't
"supporting the sport" by doing so, you are supporting ME.  "Support the
sport" is a con. However, I am not going to encourange anybody to do
this.  I say, if you can find cheaper accommodations than the AERC rate,
by all means do so...and maybe then, the AERC and the hotel will stop
trying to hide the cost of the convention meeting rooms by collecting it
only from those people who book into the hotel with the AERC block.

I am not a big fan of sellers that hide the cost of things in other
items for two reasons:  the first is that unless you require everybody
to buy the other items as well, it allocates the costs unfairly; and the
other is that the underlying philosophy is that I am too stupid to
figure out that that is what you are doing.

I am even not a big fan of it in this instance where (were I to attend
convention), _I_ would be the beneficiary of the unfairness and other
people's stupidity.

Orange County, Calif.


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[RC] Convention Rooms, k s swigart
RE: [RC] Convention Rooms, Ranelle Rubin