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[RC] Convention Rooms - k s swigart

Bruce Weary said:

 I know what you mean, Kat. I am one of those
dummies. After I spent  $30,000 on trailer and rig,
bought four horses, a couple of saddles, land to
keep the horses on, expensive hay and feed,
thousands in vet bills, insurance, tires, blankets,
tights, buckets, tack, shoeing, etc., etc., etc., I am
already spending an inordinate amount of money
on my hobby. They expect me to throw in an extra
$20 a night to support this sport that gives me back
so much more than I could ever contribute?

I have come to the conclusion that since this argument of "endurance is
already such an expensive sport so who cares if it costs me even more"
is one that Bruce Weary trots out any time anybody makes any comment
about difficulty with added costs, that the AERC needs to stop trying to
offset its costs by collecting from the people who actually benefit from
the services provided by the added costs, and should just send all its
bills to Bruce Weary.

He, apparently, doesn't care how much things cost him.

Orange County, Calif.

p.s.  When _I_ go to convention, I stay at my sister's house (who lives
in Reno).  You can rest assured that I don't book a room at the
convention hotel just so I can "support the sport."  However, generally
speaking, I don't go to convention.  Neither the travel costs nor the
convention fees are in my budget...despite the fact that I just spent
more than that this weekend going to Eastern Mojave.  In fact, one of
the reasons convention ISN'T in the budget is that the travel costs
associated with Eastern Mojave were so high...oh yeah, and the price of
hay has skyrocketed.


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