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RE: [RC] Convention Rooms - Ranelle Rubin

Kat, you obviously missed the point of the entire discussion.

The point is, convention is relatively inexpensive to attend as an event. Travel/hotels/meals are expensive. The actual event is not that bad compared to venues of this type. AERC does this by guaranteeing the hotel a certain number of sleeping rooms at a certain rate. I too, have a sister who lives in Reno. I also will not be going this year due to a previous conflicting commitment. How we all chose to spend our money is up to us. I to, have to budget my rides. 

In my opinion, AERC has taken quite a bit of flack from this list lately. They do a decent job of providing a competitive arena for us to participate. Are they perfect..of course not. Who is? If they make a business decision based on what makes it possible for them to put on a convention, and you don't like it, voice it to them directly. In business, I always say, if you have a complaint and don't take it to someone who can do something about it, with a suggestion for change, you are merely a whiner!

Best to you,

Ranelle Rubin, Business Consultant
Independent Dynamite Distributor

916-663-4140 home office
916-718-2427 cellular
916-848-3662 fax

> From: katswig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [RC] Convention Rooms
> Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 17:47:02 -0800
> Bruce Weary said:
> > I know what you mean, Kat. I am one of those
> > dummies. After I spent $30,000 on trailer and rig,
> > bought four horses, a couple of saddles, land to
> > keep the horses on, expensive hay and feed,
> > thousands in vet bills, insurance, tires, blankets,
> > tights, buckets, tack, shoeing, etc., etc., etc., I am
> > already spending an inordinate amount of money
> > on my hobby. They expect me to throw in an extra
> > $20 a night to support this sport that gives me back
> > so much more than I could ever contribute?
> I have come to the conclusion that since this argument of "endurance is
> already such an expensive sport so who cares if it costs me even more"
> is one that Bruce Weary trots out any time anybody makes any comment
> about difficulty with added costs, that the AERC needs to stop trying to
> offset its costs by collecting from the people who actually benefit from
> the services provided by the added costs, and should just send all its
> bills to Bruce Weary.
> He, apparently, doesn't care how much things cost him.
> kat
> Orange County, Calif.
> :)
> p.s. When _I_ go to convention, I stay at my sister's house (who lives
> in Reno). You can rest assured that I don't book a room at the
> convention hotel just so I can "support the sport." However, generally
> speaking, I don't go to convention. Neither the travel costs nor the
> convention fees are in my budget...despite the fact that I just spent
> more than that this weekend going to Eastern Mojave. In fact, one of
> the reasons convention ISN'T in the budget is that the travel costs
> associated with Eastern Mojave were so high...oh yeah, and the price of
> hay has skyrocketed.
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