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Re: [RC] Akhal-Tekes in Russian Endurance Ride - recklessheartranch

That ride is famous in Akhal Teke circles. It is the event that prompted the 
Soviet government to establish a purebred stud for Tekes and stop crossing them 
with the English TB.

You have afew Teke (whole and part bred) riders in endurance -- including 
Kelsey Kampfert, who finished the Tevis last year on her Teke mare, Sabel.

I breed (bred -- I'm starting to shut down my breeding operation) Tekes and 
cross-breds -- the Arab and the Teke cross GREAT together! I have a highly 
metallic cremello Akhal-Teke stallion -- Kinor -- and he's produced some lovely 
foals. He's not a big horse -- about 15.1hh and usually doesn't go over 975 
lbs, but he still has 8.25" of bone (I measured). Gaits to die for.

Being a cremello, he will always produce palomino or buckskin o/o non-grey 
mares (the rare smokey black as well), which is kind of nice bonus. Plus, a 
number of his babies have the metallic glow.

Check out my Webshots Page and feel free to browse the albums.


Tekes are super movers, with a very smooth trot -- long and reachy -- and they 
are very much a "grey hound" sort of horse. Also tend to be more on the 
sensitive side -- although there are exceptions, many of them bond tightly with 
one person and require a knowledgable hand. Very much like many Arabs, actually.

They are a very exotic type of horse -- different than anything you will ever 

I do have one endurance type filly for sale -- she will be three this July. Her 
name is Kazakh Heart (free heart)-- she has her own album. Most of the photos 
were taken when she was 2 yrs. old. She is a 3/4 sibling to Kinor.

Also check out the album "Other foals by Kinor." He's been crossed with 
warmbloods, Arabs, Appies and Paints, so it's been very interesting to see what 
sort of foals have been produced. His oldest foals are just turning 3 this 

There are several endurance riders who have bred to him, including Kerry 
Redente, who has 2 mares in foal to him for this year.

Please feel free to email me privately if you'd like to know more about the 
breed. They are pretty cool.

Katrina O'Neal

event took place in 1935.  Interesting....We have a book called Horses of the 
World by Daphne Goodall, published in 1965.  We've  had it since our daughters 
were young girls.  It features all the breeds of all the countries, and here is 
what it says about the Akhal-Teke:  "Bred in a number of provinces, and is a 
direct descendant of the very old Turkmene race."  Look at the Turkmene and 
here is its description:  "....iron hard legs; of exceptional stamina and 
endurance, fearless, obedient, and very fast."After our family got in to 
endurance riding in 1972, we used to read this description and dream, wishing 
there were such a horse in the USA.  Now we in this country are so much closer 
to that dream.  I don't know how many A-Ts there are here now, but there were 
none when that book first came out. Barbara  ----- Original Message -----   
From:  Merri   To: considerThis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx   Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 
12:04   PM  Subject: [RC] [Consider This] Akhal-Tekes   in Russian Endurance 

An   old video of an endurance ride from Ashkhabad to Moscow in 84 days over   
4,300km... from many years ago.

Notice the spectators handing off...   not water bottles, but flowers to the 

Posted   By Merri to Consider   This at 2/22/2008 01:01:00 PM 

Katrina O'Neal
Reckless Heart Ranch
822 Estates Loop
Priest River, ID 83856

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