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RE: [RC] Breeding is anyones CHOICE. - Jessica

I am the original poster and yes I listed 2 qualities that are my mare's
weak points. I didn't say I don't like her personality, I said it was
standoffish. I also said she has a thick cresty neck. It's not a bad neck,
she is very well balanced, it's just a feature I would like to try and
improve. That's what breeding is about; you look at the weak points in your
horse and find a horse that will improve on those characteristics. My mare
is not a low quality horse that should never have set foot on the ground.
She was from a well thought out breeding program, has excellent bloodlines,
accomplished parents and good conformation. As for breeding her, I am not
willing to compromise and never said I was. I am willing to pay top dollar
if it's to a stallion that I think will be the best complement to my mare. I
came to ridecamp because I care more about my choice than looking at
pedigrees and pictures. I wanted feedback from people that have bred to, met
in person or have foals from stallions that they would recommend. I will
probably take several months to find the right guy for my mare, even longer
to be sure he's exactly what I am looking for. And yes the resulting foal
might not be everything I had hoped but I will love it and raise it just the
same. If said foal can't compete in endurance, then so be it, we will trail
ride instead. If it doesn't like trails well there are plenty of other horse
activities that I have always wanted to try. 
Jessica Spoone-Raines


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[RC] Breeding is anyones CHOICE., Melissa Margetts Ms. Kitty