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[RC] Breeding is anyones CHOICE. - Melissa Margetts Ms. Kitty

I wasn't trying to lecture anyone on breeding or not breeding. It is definitely everyones own business what they do. I personally own a "throw away" that's doing fine by me in all ways. My point was that isn't it the "lay-breeders" that are flooding the market because they want a baby out of their favorite pony? There are some real top notch "keepers" though in a sea of average horses that are looking for homes. Didn't the poster give characteristics in her mare SHE didn't like, yet she is willing to compromise as long as she gets a baby from her. Isn't that EXACTLY how it happens? Didn't mean to set of bombs. Especially with responsible breeders who are actually producing quality animals. I hope that a really responsible breeder would not CHOOSE to breed a mare with qualities you DIDN'T want just to get a baby from her. I guess I am an living example of what happens when you "flood the market". I'm a mutt who doesn't look like Cindy Crawford, have stamina like Lance Armstrong, a voice like Aretha Franklin, nor do I posses a Mensa degree. Not outstanding in any way. Just average and I certainly don't need to breed and produce seven more average kids to throw out there like my parents did. There are too many of US too. As Delores Arste said: The tendency of all species is towards mediocrity. That's what insures survival and limits dominance of a specific species. Nature abhors the special ones.


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