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Re: [RC] Internet dialog - Beverley H. Kane, MD

Title: Re: [RC]  Internet dialog
“On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog.”

While the pot shots, self-righteousness, and emotional UNtelligence in online chats is unfortunate, that’s life on the Internet. Internet dialog is a semi-anonymous, asynchronous medium that lends itself to rude and cowardly communication styles that one would never dare to express in a face-to-face encounter. It’s like a drug or like breaking cups against the wall for people with grudges, chips on their shoulders, insecurities, and deficient social skills.

But really, people who refrain from posting their questions and wisdom due to e-mail taunts strike me as comparably thin of skin as those who feel like second class citizens at LDs. It’s all in y/our own sense of self-esteem and ego fortitude.

The same core strength we engage to ride our horses—that immovable sense of center, that unshakeable sense of self—can be called upon to withstand the buffeting of hurtful Internet barbs.

15 minutes of fame from: Guidelines for the Clinical Use of Electronic Mail with Patients,
a primer for medical professionals on respectful, politically and legally correct, and discreet use of the Internet

Beverley Kane, MD
Horsensei Equine-Assisted Learning & Therapy
Woodside, CA

The Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship--
Transforming the Doctor-Patient Relationship with Equine-Assisted Learning

Re: [RC] [RC] Internet dialog, John Teeter