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Re: [RC] Internet dialog - Lynne Glazer

Right on, Beverly. And people who post the most here have proportionately more chances to attract the off-hand response, or that un-nuanced by facial expression-seemingly contrary-or-insulting one.

You said it so nicely. "It’s all in y/our own sense of self-esteem and ego fortitude." In my rushed, ex-military vernacular I would have just said it's time to "grow a set".

It's just amazing to me sometimes--there will be this knock-down, drag out battle where it's not just passion for the issue but has turned personal--and I know the participants FACE to FACE well enough to realize if this was over a campfire they'd be the best of friends.

I always pause before hitting the send button, and think about whether I want the thousands of ridecamp subscribers to see my message, and not just the few participating in that particular topic. I absolutely DO limit my written participation here, though I read all the responses, skimming and deleting. So very many times I've hit the "save as draft" button because of feeling so strongly about what I'm replying to--and go back to it later, just deleting it because either it wasn't necessary or someone else made my points and usually in a much more graceful manner.



On Jul 21, 2008, at 8:27 AM, Beverley H. Kane, MD wrote:

“On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog.”

While the pot shots, self-righteousness, and emotional UNtelligence in online chats is unfortunate, that’s life on the Internet. Internet dialog is a semi-anonymous, asynchronous medium that lends itself to rude and cowardly communication styles that one would never dare to express in a face-to-face encounter. It’s like a drug or like breaking cups against the wall for people with grudges, chips on their shoulders, insecurities, and deficient social skills.

But really, people who refrain from posting their questions and wisdom due to e-mail taunts strike me as comparably thin of skin as those who feel like second class citizens at LDs. It’s all in y/our own sense of self-esteem and ego fortitude.

The same core strength we engage to ride our horses—that immovable sense of center, that unshakeable sense of self—can be called upon to withstand the buffeting of hurtful Internet barbs.


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Re: [RC] Internet dialog, Beverley H. Kane, MD