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[RC] What I know about Mustangs - Sheila_Larsen

is that I don't know much.  Had a friend that finished Tevis on one, and I
watched the Mustange Challenge at Sacramento Horse Expo.  I was very
impressed with the progress made with those horses, I don't know if there
was more or less progress made with those horses as opposed to what would
have been done with "domestic" horses that hadn't been previously touched.
I imagine that alot of time and effort was put into the endeavor.

With that said, I hope the BLM raffle will continue at convention and that
we hear about the success (or not) stories about them, perhaps in Endurance
News, lessons learned from training a mustang, what went right what went
wrong, etc.   I would be nice to know where one might go to to get one that
has been started, perhaps information about the type of horses coming off
of different management areas and is there a management area that produces
horses that seem to do well in endurance (or whatever).

I know that someone reputable (dont' remember who)  picked out horses for
the AERC raffle, is that person available for "hire" to help pick one out.
I think people don't get mustangs because they are afraid of what they may
be getting into or don't have the time to devote to a completely
unsocialized horse (mustang or otherwise).  If people really want to solve
this problem of finding homes for mustangs these issues need to be
discussed and solutions, ideas, whatever presented.

Oh hey I have actually ridden one, just remembered, I did a 50 on one, I
completed but it was not a good ride for me.  The horse was having some
sort of muscle issue, the owner insisted I go on, and I blew my knee out,
somehow we finished and somehow the owner got the horse through the ride.
Don't ask how I could forget all that but it was a mustang.  I am NOT
implying that the muscle issue was because he was a mustang.

Let's try and provide a positive solutions and reasons why one should own a

Off my soapbox .... (gotta go help a university save their endangered
species while running a university)

Horses lend us the wings we lack.  Author Unknown


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