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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] What I Know About Mustangs - Kathy Mayeda

I have a friend who recently obtained a domestic bred Kiger rescue horse and a BLM mustang.  The Kiger is beautiful, and her husband kinda took over so she feels like he's no longer her horse!  The Kiger & hubby finished their first LD this year without much problem at all.  My friends BLM mustang is still learning to go down the trail without "happy feet" but she loves that horse.
What amazes me is that you see a lot of Spanish influence in both these horses.  There's a certain amount of gaitedness too!  I've never seen a horse canter sideways with such ease as the BLM mustang (happy feet).  Travels like Merlin, the bullfighter Lusitano on You Tube!

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 10:38 AM, Karen Sullivan <greymare56@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 7/18/08, Neuenschwander, Karen Mrs DoD Ben <karen.neuenschwander@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know that I've become a permanent fan of the American mustang. .............
Wonderful post clipped....I dabbled in endurance for about 10 years or so....with Arabs and half Arabs.
My current "forever" horse is a BLM Eastern Oregon mustang mare, 15.2h and a light grulla.  I have to say, she
is hands down probably the best horse I have ever had in 38 years.  Often hard headed, alpha mare, hot,
difficult but hard to put into words the heart and work ethic.  Whatever breeds went into creating her one will
never know, but I do know this is an incrediblye smooth , great boned, awesome feet, FUNCTIONAL animal
who I believe, from a conformational standpoint, would put a huge percentage of domestic-bred horses to shame.
Not only that, add in ground covering walk, running walk, rack, extended trot and the most surefooted horse
I have ever owned......
Yes, there are scrubby, poorly conformed mustangs out there....but I challenge anyone who would dismiss
our countries feral horses as worthless or sub-standard, to watch a performance by Steens Vaquero
(Cowboy); a formerly feral Kiger mustang, and then turn up their noses at mustangs.  Honestly, I feel like, at
Dressage in the Wine County in Santa Rosa, Calif, one year, his freestyle "cowboy dressage" put the $$$$$
warmbloods to shame....
One of the BLM managers in Oregon once told me that certain bands of mustangs are known for incredibly
elastic and energy-efficient ground-covering walks as they go from water hole to water hole.....


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