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Re: [RC] [RC] What I know about Mustangs - Karen Sullivan

Hi Sheila,
I believe you might be refering to Dr. Phillip Ottinger (sp.?), who was selecting
horses from the Litchfield corrals for the AERc raffles, and also owner of Robin Hood, Sir Galahad, etc.  He apparently really scrutinized conformation and movement.....and would select a small group of yearlings he felt would be promising endurance candidates.  One could also call the Litchfield corrals and get the tag #'s of those he approved. 
And, not to toot my own horn (oh well, might as well <g>). aside from my mustang that I bought already green broke, really MIS-trained......I did get suckered into buying a yearling a couple of years ago from a local adoption.  There was something about this filly that really caught my eye...something about her conformation was a standout, and her color (palomino) was a bonus as I knew "somebody" would want her.  I watched her for a day....and nobody bid.....so I took her home with the intention of gentling her down and fining her a good home after I received title (one year).  She was a fun project, by end of first week I could pick feet, lead, tie and trailer load her....spend a year and half ponying her on the trail and introducing to carrying a saddle and sitting on for brief moments and cues (at age 2 1/2)  I did sell her to a wonderful girl who loves her and is continuing the training, and recovered my costs.  I didn't need another horse but she was too nice to pass up, and I waanted to get her out of the BLM system, especially given the 3 strikes law. 
So, right there is something people can do to help....adopt a mustang, gentle it, and find it a good home.  I stand by that filly also, as being a truly functional horse with great legs and feet, and good attitude......many folks who do endurance have no interest in top tenning...want to do the distance and enjoy the trail on a sound and smooth horse.
On 7/18/08, Sheila_Larsen@xxxxxxx <Sheila_Larsen@xxxxxxx> wrote:

is that I don't know much.  
I know that someone reputable (dont' remember who)  picked out horses for
the AERC raffle, is that person available for "hire" to help pick one out.

[RC] What I know about Mustangs, Sheila_Larsen