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Re: [RC] [RC] Trot vs Canter - desertrydr1

In addition to the other attributes that have been mentioned, suspension and extension, the horse in the video is also very collected.  In dressage, the extended trot comes out of collection.  You have to look at the bend in the horse's hind legs, the way the horse almost appears to be sitting in back, to appreciate the amount of collection he has.  In our sport, most of us don't ask the horse to collect to go into the trot we call extended.  It's still pretty extended as far as the reach of the horse, but it's not the hugely collected and extended trot of the dressage horse.  It's what Arabs are good at--extension without collection.  A matter of differences in language between sports.  Probably not "correct", but it is very efficient for the horses that are good at it, and built for it. 

My Anglo-Arab mare had a beautiful extended trot with a degree of collection, that she performed when free.  It was breathtaking to watch.  Her mom, the Arab parent, is definitely a galloping horse, as is her son, the Anglo-Arab/Shagya.  Darn, I was hoping he would be a trotter. 



Re: [RC] [RC] Trot vs Canter, Angie Fura