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Re: [RC] [RC] Married couples in endurance - Karen Sullivan

On 6/5/08, Barbara McCrary <bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I find this observation incredible.  Imagine a woman who cannot get dirty, muss her hair, break a fingernail or must be waited on.
After I get through working cattle, imagine the mess...and it isn't all just dirt.  :-))
I figure I don't care how messy I get, as long as I can take a bath and get clean afterwards.  It's a sad commentary on our lives today.  Such women would never make it from the Midwest to California on a wagon.  A little dirt and discomfort is good for us...makes us appreciate the conveniences we do have.
I agree!  One of the best feelings in life is to go out riding in the rain and mud..or even digging ditches around your barn in the worst storm of the year...get totally drenched and cold, filthy and shivery...then come inside to a hot shower and bowl of stew or soup.....and a nap with my pug is the icing on the cake!


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