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RE: [RC] NOT Married because of horses... - Juli Jakub

My two cents...I married a wonderful man. When I married him he was not only 
not interested in horses but afraid of them ( and most other animals). But he 
was always interested in it and my enthusiasm for it. He is a snowboarder and 
WW kayaker. I really did not have much interest in those things, but was always 
interested in listening to him talk about his passions. He would come watch me 
ride, I would sit on the edge of the river and videotape him in the rapids. 
Fast forward to now...almost five years of marriage later. He is still the same 
wonderful, generous, funny, and athletic (did I mention handsome) guy I fell in 
love with. He also happens to now one of our two dogs, one of our two ferrets, 
and he has two horses out of our four. I now own a full snowboarding set up and 
thoroughly enjoy hitting the slopes with him all winter. Because of a shoulder 
issue I cannot WW kayak, but we do lots of flatwater together ( and I do easy 
WW in a ducky) and I still go sit on the side of beautiful rivers and videotape 
him. He will never be as passionate about horses as I am. I exercise his horses 
a lot and the daily care falls to me most of the time as he is out snowboarding 
or kayaking. I love the mountain, but I will never be as passionate about 
snowboarding as he is...I just can't go everyday or when it is too cold ect. 
And the horses always come first.  But we have grown to share in each others 
hobbies but still have no problem seperating for a day or two to do different 
things. I have yet to ride an LD or endurance ride, but he is psyched up to 
crew for me and even said he would maybe want to do a 25 miler some day. I did 
not fall in love with him for his hobbies or lifestyle, but who he is. Our 
differences are what make us who we are and it is exciting to be exposed to 
other things through him. It is great he has come around to being interested in 
riding and horses, but I would love him even if his interest stopped at 
watching me ride. My advice is fall in love if possible and do not worry about 
whether they are a horse person or not. If they truly love you they will be 
interested even if they have no interest in being actually involved. And the 
ways that they may enrich your life and you theirs can never be predicted!

Juli Jakub
The Air of Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears.
~ arabian proverb

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[RC] NOT Married because of horses..., Natalie Herman