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Re: [RC] Entries online and saving mailing costs - rides2far

In response to:"Regions could save managers a *lot* of money by 
making a list of riders who absolutely know how to use the 
internet and don't need their flyers mailed to them."

Yes, I know, and GERA sends out the flyers to their members. That is very
handy and I'd say it's were the majority of the entries in my ride got
their flyer. However, lots of people who have internet don't have
printers. Quite a few old timers don't do internet. Not all Southeast
AERC members are SERA or GERA members. My entry was a little later than
some getting on the calender and some didn't notice when it came up, so I
wanted to make sure it didn't slip by them. I felt bad when an older
gentleman who I very much doubt has internet paid a late fee because he
probaby didn't know that we asked for pre-enter. I suppose a better and
shorter list option would be to compile a list of those who need the
entry form sent to their home. 

This year I started out trying to mail one to every household that didn't
list an e-mail address in the directory. Then I started trying to figure
out which e-mails bounced back. Then when that got too hard and after I
almost lost those 3 entries to the person who hadn't noticed it on-line I
decided what the heck, I'd send them to everyone and started hand
addressing (yes, I know it could have been printed out on labels but
didn't know how or feel like figuring it out at the moment). So...I hand
addressed them down to I think about...the "M's", then I got tired and
quit. >g<

It's very easy for those of us who are on here all the time to start
assuming that a notice on the internet reaches everyone. But anyway,
THANK YOU MIKE AND RUSS for making it possible for *me* to get to all the
info so easily!

P.S. I actually typed in the e-mail addresses from the AERC directory and
a whole lot of those bounced back. Riders need to update their contact



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