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RE: [RC] Gelding Stallions (was: Wild Horses) - Terry Banister

give vasectomies to the stallions

Such a wonderful idea!!! Do they know if it is do-able/practical? Because it would be a possible solution to the unfortunate wolf and mtn. lion dilemma also!

> From: katswig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [RC] Gelding Stallions (was: Wild Horses)
> Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 10:21:33 -0700
> Lisa Salas said:
> > I have suggested to the BLM, (since they are spending
> > soooooo much money on rounding up these horses)
> > to geld the stallions, instead of wasting money on throwing
> > out of helicopters "birth control" pellets which have not
> > been approved and they don't even know if they work.
> Perhaps they have not taken up this suggestion because, while the "birth
> control" pellets that they throw out may not work, they know that
> gelding stallions won't. They, at least, understand, that in order to
> reduce the number of foals born you have to reduce the number of mares
> being bred, not the number of stallions. You don't need very many
> stallions to breed a bunch of mares.
> Now, if they were to spay the mares rather than gelding the stallions...
> But just gelding some of the stallions is unlikely to have much of an
> effect. The fertile mares will just find the males that haven't been
> gelded....and the entire males will run off their immasculated
> counterparts and keep the fertile mares for themselves.
> Perhaps if they were to give vasectomies to the stallions (so these
> infertile males could defend their mares and "breed" them, but not
> actually produce any foals), this might help.
> kat
> Orange County, Calif.
> p.s. This, btw, is also true of domestic horses. The over-population
> of domestic horses is a function of the number of mares being bred, not
> the number of stallions. "Irresponsible" breeding can be laid almost
> entirely at the feet of mare owners. The number of stallions available
> is virtually irrelevant.
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[RC] Gelding Stallions (was: Wild Horses), k s swigart