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[RC] Gelding Stallions (was: Wild Horses) - k s swigart

Lisa Salas said:

I have suggested to the BLM, (since they are spending
soooooo much money on rounding up these horses)
to geld the stallions, instead of wasting money on throwing
out of helicopters "birth control" pellets which have not
been approved and they don't even know if they work.

Perhaps they have not taken up this suggestion because, while the "birth
control" pellets that they throw out may not work, they know that
gelding stallions won't.  They, at least, understand, that in order to
reduce the number of foals born you have to reduce the number of mares
being bred, not the number of stallions.  You don't need very many
stallions to breed a bunch of mares.

Now, if they were to spay the mares rather than gelding the stallions...

But just gelding some of the stallions is unlikely to have much of an
effect.  The fertile mares will just find the males that haven't been
gelded....and the entire males will run off their immasculated
counterparts and keep the fertile mares for themselves.

Perhaps if they were to give vasectomies to the stallions (so these
infertile males could defend their mares and "breed" them, but not
actually produce any foals), this might help.

Orange County, Calif.

p.s.  This, btw, is also true of domestic horses.  The over-population
of domestic horses is a function of the number of mares being bred, not
the number of stallions.  "Irresponsible" breeding can be laid almost
entirely at the feet of mare owners.  The number of stallions available
is virtually irrelevant.


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