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Re: [RC] FW: Mountain lion attacks 4 horses - Angie Fura

I just know I'm going to get pecked on the head by RC management for perpetuating this, but I can't help it!
I think that part of the answer is controlled development.  Just because we can build housing anywhere doesn't mean we should.   We need to be in balance with nature.  We each deserve to live unfettered, man and animals alike.   I hear a lot of comments like "I saw a bear in my back yard...., etc."   I wonder how many bears bitch about all the Wal-Marts and subdivisions in their habitats.  Who is their advocate? 
Just because humans can dominate the planet doesn't mean they should.  We may have a bigger brain (and that's debatable for some) but that doesn't mean might makes right. 

Angie Fura


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Population stabilization now, via stopping immigration and encouraging birth control, and long-term population reduction by free-choice natural means as in Japan and Europe.




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