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Re: [RC] ok, TAX bad word - Chris Paus

We already pay fees up the wazoo to AHA if we register our babies. If we don't have a stallion, there's stud fee. Vet fees for the mare, vet fees for the baby when it's born. Registration fees. If everything goes well, it costs me about $1,500 to get a baby to age 2.
I've reduced that a little having my own stallion, if I dont' count all the feed and care he gets!
Yes indeed, to whom should we pay these fees? To the USDA? To the county government? State ag departments? Who will be in charge of saying who is allowed to breed horses and who is not? What a huge can of worms that would be to open.
yes, there are irresponsible breeders out there who breed dozens of babies each year, hoping for that one champion... and they dump the rest. There are irresponsible back yard folks who have no idea what they are doing a breed a mare just because she's a mare. But there's a lot more people who are thoughtful about what they are doing and why.
I'm tired of the "breeders" getting the rap for everything that goes wrong in the horse world. We put enough pressure on ourselves to try to do it right and do right by the horses without people thoughtlessly stacking the deck against us more.
I guess we could all quit breeding Arabians for a few years and then what would you do when Spike or Stormey is aging and you need a replacement. People complain all the time there's too few good hroses to pick from, and then complain that we're breeding too many. Good gravy!

SandyDSA@xxxxxxx wrote:
In a message dated 9/11/2006 8:01:09 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, Kate.Kearby@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
the money should be required of those breeding horses or just don't breed. 
Frankly, I am getting tired of being forced to pay for the screw-ups of others. Many, MANY breeders (who by the way are looked DOWN upon by "real" breeders:) for "only" producing a foal every year or two) are not the problem and coincidentally are less able to PAy additional costs of reproducing the lines they love - in addition, selling anything incurs sales tax, and so fees are already paid with no return for the smaller breeder. personally, I don't believe for a second (and would fight any attempt to implement a plan) that every small breeder in the US should be required to pay a fee to...who, the state or the city or who?...

Chris Paus

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Re: [RC] ok, TAX bad word, SandyDSA