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Re: [RC] ok, TAX bad word - SandyDSA

In a message dated 9/11/2006 8:01:09 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, Kate.Kearby@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
the money should be required of those breeding horses or just don't breed. 
Frankly, I am getting tired of being forced to pay for the screw-ups of others. Many, MANY breeders (who by the way are looked DOWN upon by "real" breeders:) for "only" producing a foal every year or two) are not the problem and coincidentally are less able to PAy additional costs of reproducing the lines they love - in addition, selling anything incurs sales tax, and so fees are already paid with no return for the smaller breeder. personally, I don't believe for a second (and would fight any attempt to implement a plan) that every small breeder in the US should be required to pay a fee to...who, the state or the city or who?... in order to replace a loved mare or a successful competitor in my barn, or even to breed for a foal much desired by someone who WANTS one like ours. In addition, many smaller breeders DO - as we have - rescue horses, dogs, many creatures who became throw-aways through no fault of their own. How many big breeders can say the same thing? If punishment for the sake of reducing the throw aways is the goal, then punish the right people. Right now, I am busily trying to find homes for a handful of good horses that were acquired by a friend who has a bigger heart than pocketbook - and needs to find homes for about 5-6 Arabians. I don't see any of the big names in there doing anything...just MHO - don't punish US for what we don't do.
p.s. a couple of these horses are terrific endurance prospects! Two trained mares....a couple of nice young ones bred for the sport....