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Re: [RC] 100s discussion - Maryanne Gabbani

Having a good friend who runs, Tracy Karbus who has done admin work for Jackie Bumgardner out west and a couple of LD's here and there, I think all the worry over naming is silly. Tracy's run marathons before but she doesn't call herself a "marathon runner" or for that matter, any specific kind of runner. She just runs because she likes to run. She runs distances. What distance? Well, it depends. I think that's the model people should take.

We have FEI endurance that recognises racing at any distance. I don't do FEI, thank you, at any distance. We have had EERA (Egyptian Endurance Riding Association) rides that are LD's by AERC standard and endurance by FEI. I've done a couple and Tracy and I took a team second in one last spring. In November, if the political situation in the Middle East maintains its current level of stupidity (meaning that life really sucks for Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon, but the rest of us aren't affected at all....same old, same old and time to change but that's another story) I have a small group of crazy people including hopefully Steph, Merri, Paddi Sprecher from Canada and some others who are planning to come out here for an 80 km/50 mile ride...the first non-FEI "endurance" ride (by AERC standard and note it isn't a race) in Egypt.

How silly is all this nonsense about what to call oneself? I'm a distance rider. I ride all sorts of distances and when I'm really lucky I'm getting paid by tourists to do so. Even once I've done my 80 km, I'll still be a distance rider because that's what I like to do...get on one of my horses and go somewhere interesting and then come home. And Tracy? She's promised to do the admin at the ride because as a runner she has such a bony butt that she gets blisters after even a relatively limited distance. If she can overcome the butt barrier, her distances will increase, but she's still a distance runner and a distance rider.

From a long distance away,

On Aug 8, 2006, at 10:46 PM, rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:


Doing a 50 is like losing your virginity. You don't get it back for lack
of practice. >g< You are still an endurance rider. I think "Distance
Rider" sounds nice for LD...Hopefully to be an endurance rider soon.


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