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[RC] 100s discussion - sherman

Personally, I hope AERC never comes to this. Most of the riders I know do enough 25+ mile rides on their own in tough country and are fully prepared for their first 50 without ever having to do an LD. AERC has enough educational material available, as well as the Decade Team, and 100 Mile riders interviews, that has enough information to teach if one has the desire to learn.


It was my perception after reading tons of material that the recommended time off after a ride was roughly 1 day for each 10 miles, so 5 days rest after a 50, 10 days rest after a 100. This varies greatly from what I’ve seen posted recently. Will a horse ever be prepared for a 100 with such a heavy layoff schedule, a week off for a 30, I think was mentioned? What do the more experienced 100 riders think of this? I know every horse & rider have their own program and preferences, but you do have to push a bit to get up to 100, or even 50.


Once again, I really think newcomers and those wanting to “move up” to 50s or 100s should READ the Decade Teams and 100 Mile Riders interviews. There is a wealth of information on conditioning, lay-off, feeding, etc. Also, the mentor list on AERC.org indicates what type of mentoring the rider is willing to do (50s, 100s, juniors, etc).



Grass Valley, CA


Steph wrote:


Also many nations have, or plan to have, step-up qualification requirements - you and/or horse must do x number of 40km rides before you and/or horse is qualified for 80km rides