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[RC] 100s discussion - rides2far

(Personally, I have ridden 50's in the past, so I guess, according 
to> your standards, I CAN say that I am an endurance rider, but lately,

due> to personal issues, I have been riding the shorter distances, so I

can> empathize).   Anyway, what should LD'ers call themselves? 


Doing a 50 is like losing your virginity. You don't get it back for lack
of practice. >g< You are still an endurance rider. I think "Distance
Rider" sounds nice for LD...Hopefully to be an endurance rider soon.

I don't think I started out thinking I'd ever do 100's. I started doing
100's when 50's quit hurting very much. I know a person who has ridden
25's for 16 years with the same buckle rubbing a hole in their leg every
ride. Move the buckle and 50 will hurt no more than the 25 is my advice.
Get everything working right and 100 doesn't hurt any more than the early
50's did.

I think people like Jody, Cindy & I wish we could instill *confidence*
into lots of very capable riders we see who we are *sure* could do well
in 100's but don't believe in themselves, or have the idea of how big of
a challenge it is blown out of proportion in their minds.  We aren't
talking to every person out there, so if you've got a peg leg and an
asthmatic horse, don't worry about it! I'm sure we're always proud of you
when we wave at you at a ride. Try to picture the person who is cleaning
up in their division but never moves up...always saying "He's not quite
ready yet". That's who all the encouragement and prodding is aimed at.



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