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RE: [RC] re: 100s discussion - Kristen A Fisher

Hi Diane - No, I understood very well what Cindy's message was. 

I think it's one thing to share one's experience if you see have seen
someone & their horse at rides, ridden with them, see their horses vet
through, see if/how they take care of themselves, see how they look after 50
miles, the next day, after multi-days and say "that horse could do a 100".
Making that same or similar assertions [how much time off is needed, etc]
via email from 1,000 miles away is just not that credible to me. 

Not that I don't respect experience and mileage/years in the sport - I do, a
great deal. But everyone regardless of experience level should respect
someone when they say, this is not for me or my horse. David has almost
2,000 miles on his horse so I don't think he's that much of a newbie.


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Kristen A Fisher wrote:
What I want to know is, when someone says their horse doesn't like 
100s, or isn't ready for 100s, or needs rest after 100 - so many 
people jump in and tell them they are wrong.

The only person that knows that horse and is qualified to make a 
determination on what the horse can/can't/should/shouldn't 
do is its 
Hi Kristen,

I think you misunderstood Cindy.  She, and others too, knows 
that a horse conditioned well enough to COMPLETE a 24-hr 100 
is not a horse that needs to be laid off for a month 
afterwards.  It has nothing to do with the needs of the horse 
and everything to do with the perceptions (and inexperience) 
of the rider.


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Re: [RC] re: 100s discussion, Diane Trefethen