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[RC] More Tevis Video and new photos - Dream Weaver

I have added three new videos to the video list. There are also a lot of other videos there if you haven't seen them yet.

John Crandell finishing and finishing his final vet thru and talking a bit about it
Kassandra DiMaggio doing her victory lap in McCann stadium
Kassandra DiMaggio doing her final trot out

These horses both looked great and it was really a great privilege to be able to see them close up. Did you guys notice that Kassandra rode in jeans?

The new album has photos taken by Tinker Hart at Foresthill.

You can find them all on the photos page for the Tevis Webcast at this link: http://www.foothill.net/tevis/webcast06/photo_index.html

I have been receiving photos from others -- so will put together an album for that. If anybody would like to contribute please send me the photos along with a description and photo credit.

Please check the links for the commercial photographers that are also linked on the photos pages. They worked very hard to get the photos that they did so be sure to support them for their efforts. It really is special to get a photo of your horse on a ride like the Tevis. One of my favorite ride photos is the one of Weaver and I going over Cougar Rock -- that was the photo I put on the front of the photo albums when we were testing them in case anybody was wondering who that was. :) Riding the ride is great, but volunteering is also a lot of fun and I'm glad that to have been able to help Jackie and the WSTF with the webcast. If it weren't for all of the volunteers this ride would never happen -- this year they had 750 volunteers. They had twenty rigs hauling horses out of the checks (which are remote) -- those volunteers doing that all at their own expense. This ride is the ultimate team effort.

The funniest story I have from this year is from one of the vet checks where I was taking photos and the volunteer said one of the foreign riders who didn't (obviously) understand English very well tried to come into the P&R area with tack still on their horse and she told him that he needed to strip -- he took her seriously and started to take his own clothes off! I guess some riders will do anything to get thru Tevis, eh? ;^) The crew shirts that said (fronts) "What is long and hard and lasts all night" and (back) "Crewing Tevis 2006" were commented on a lot also.

The volunteers who contributed photos all did a great job and spent a lot of long hours driving, working, and staying awake. We split up and went to different locations which helped a lot -- while others took photos I was able to process them and get them online fairly quickly. Technology has come a long way in just the last couple of years. For example, the camera I used to take the photos and video with is about as big as a credit card (a little thicker though). It can hold over 800 photos. I'm not sure how much video. Software can now batch resize the photos in seconds, which makes everything so much more efficient and quick to upload. It got a little crazy at times trying to keep up with all of the various card readers, CD's, cords, plugs and such. It took the longest time to add in the comments and info that we had obtained when we took photos on Friday at Robie Park. We had a lot of fun getting to talk to riders from all over the country. How I wished they all could have completed their dream of finishing the Tevis and I hope that they will all try again if they didn't make it this year. We really do learn a lot from our failures and it makes success all that much better when we do achieve it. This is a link to one of my favorite quotes: http://easycareinc.typepad.com/karen/2006/05/one_of_my_favor.html Stay inspired and don't give up!

Thanks to EasyCare for their sponsorship and support of the webcast photos, and also to Jackie Floyd and the WST ride management for making this such an enjoyable experience, and for working so hard to make this a First Class Event! You guys rock. ;)



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