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Re: [RC] re: 100 milers - Ibiteraaarr

You have completely misunderstood the point of my post. I'm not targeting the LD/Endurance debate. I cited it as it's one of many facets to your posts. You haven't even asked if I was in agreement or disagreement with what your opinion is. If I was trying to insult you, I would have been a lot meaner. I was attempting to point out that it's the condescending manner of your posts that seem to come across with some degree of frequency. The posts made to Ridecamp, and several I've gotten privately are largely from other newcomers who have also noticed this and feel constantly berated. I even specifically posted that I did not know you personally, and was giving you the benefit of the doubt of suggesting that perhaps you didn't intend to come across that way. I paid you the respect you've worked hard for, but even so it's not enough? What's with the blocked out profanity now? And it's BECAUSE you've poured so much into this sport and that you have a lot of experience ripe for the picking that I was trying to make a diplomatic appeal, and apparently, I too, have failed.
    Regardless of how snappy you are on Ridecamp, I still do not know you personally and cannot pass any sort of legitimate judgement on your character. Nobody's taking the floor from you, especially not the newbies. It'd behoove us to take advantage of whatever tutelage you offer. We just don't want to be continuously made to feel inferior in the process.