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Re: [RC] Now readiness for 100s - Truman Prevatt

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:
On Mon, 7 Aug 2006 18:01:46 EDT KimFue@xxxxxxx writes:. I can't believe
that you would
generalilze > like this. There are riders out there that want to do
100s for the
challenge of > 100s and do NOT want the costs, structure and the
pressure of FEI
riding. If > you don't believe me look at the PS 100 mile riders that
reached the > bronze,gold, and silver level.


I believe you could get a better idea about what Truman believes by
studying the program he has come up with for SERA and contrasting it with
the medallion program that the PS has implemented. For your information,
SEDRA is a Florida based distance organization that also sanctions CT
rides. (I apologize if I get any of this wrong and welcome anyone to
correct me on this stuff) I don't believe I have attended a ride that
is SEDRA sanctioned in the SE (maybe I have and didn't notice).
Actually Angie you have attended quite a few SEDRA sanctioned rides. Yellow Hammer, all the FL endurance rides, Million Pines, River Run, Liberty Run. I believe that Biltmore has agreed to pick up SEDRA sanctioning next year.

The reason SERA and SEDRA joined together is quite simple - all the distance disciplines are losing interest in the longer distances. The three day 100 mile CTR has suffered the same as the one day 100 mile endurance ride. The thrust of the program is to get people on their horses riding longer distances. Even the Pioneer rides are not doing all that well if you look at the number of riders that are actually there to ride all days. We are facing the same problem. We share many of the same riders - most of the FL riders ride both CTR and endurance along with a lot of other folks.

It is hopped that by doing so it will bring new riders in to feed both the 100 mile endurance ride and the 3 day 100 CTR. It all about working together for a common goal. It is targeted to new riders to give them incentive to get out of a rut. It took a long time for the decline in the 100's - it will probably take an equally long time to turn the decline around. This is an attempt in that direction.

It's not targeted to veteran riders like yourself. That is what the 100 mile club is for. The SERA 100 mile club has not changed.



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[RC] Now readiness for 100s, rides2far