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[RC] Now readiness for 100s - rides2far

On Mon, 7 Aug 2006 18:01:46 EDT KimFue@xxxxxxx writes:.  I can't believe
that you would 
generalilze > like this.  There are riders out there that want to do
100s for the 
challenge of > 100s and do NOT want the costs, structure and the
pressure of FEI 
riding.  If > you don't believe me look at the PS 100 mile riders that
reached the > bronze,gold, and silver level.  


I believe you could get a better idea about what Truman believes by
studying the program he has come up with for SERA and contrasting it with
the medallion program that the PS has implemented.  For your information,
SEDRA is a Florida based distance organization that also sanctions CT
rides. (I apologize if I get any of this wrong and welcome anyone to
correct me on this stuff)   I don't believe I have attended a ride that
is SEDRA sanctioned in the SE (maybe I have and didn't notice).

If you'll notice, one can receive a "100 mile achievement award" without
ever completing a one day 100.  However, you could do several one day
100's but they won't count unless the rider joins an additional
organization (SEDRA) and the ride manager chooses to sanction with SEDRA,
which has never been necessary in the past for SERA awards.  I'm just
hoping AERC will go ahead and go forward with their medal program because
it looks like this is all we got and I don't plan to join SEDRA. Let's
just say after joining AERC, SERA, The local Arabian Club, and Back
Country Horsemen I'm horse clubbed out.

Angie  (see Truman's "100 Mile Achievement Award" below.)

100 Mile Achievement Award: This award is established in order to reward
the achievement in the 100-mile or greater distance ride. The time
duration for completion of the requirements for the award is open ended
and can be done at the riders pace. The sport of distance riding is about
the bond between the horse and rider. This is an award that goes to a
horse and rider team. 
Award Requirement: To receive this recognition, the same rider on the
same horse (rider/horse team) must successfully complete three events in
any combination of a Three Day 100 Mile Competitive Trail Ride, a Two Day
100 Mile Endurance ride, Pioneer Endurance ride or a One Day 100 Mile
Endurance ride.  To be eligible for consideration the competitive trail
ride must be SEDRA sanctioned and the endurance rides must be both SERA
and SEDRA sanctioned. 
Eligibility: For a ride to count toward the award, the rider must be a
member of both SERA and SEDRA at the time of the ride. 

Time To Finish the Requirements: There is no set time limit in which the
required rides must be completed. 

Proof of Completion: It will be the rider's responsibility to notify
SERA and/or SEDRA of a successfully completed ride. SERA/SEDRA will
validate the completion in their records. 

Award Recognition: The recognition for the award will be a monogrammed
cooler for the horse.  The monogramming will recognize the unique
achievement for which the award was earned. The award will be presented
at either the SEDRA yearly membership meeting or the SERA yearly
membership meeting ? at the choice of the rider with the accomplishment
mentioned at the other meeting. 

Nomination: A rider must nominate his horse for this program. They can do
that either through SERA or SEDRA. A common record will be maintained of
all nominated riders. There will be a nominal nomination fee of $20.00
for each rider/horse team. A rider/horse team must be nominated at the
time of a ride. A rider/horse team that has achieved an award can
renominate and receive additional awards upon the satisfaction of the
requirements. Subsequent awards ? after the first ? will recognize the
additional accomplishments. The nomination fees will be set aside in a
separate fund to support the program. 

How to Nominate: Nomination for this program can be accomplished with
either SERA or SEDRA.  Applications for this program can be downloaded
from either the SEDRA or SERA websites. The SEDRA Web site is
http://www.distanceriding.com/ and for SERA http://www.seraonline.org.  


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