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Re: [RC] Was John C/Heraldic-Now readiness for 100s - KimFue

In a message dated 08/07/2006 12:38:07 PM Pacific Standard Time, tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
think that is a very good observation. I also would add that most of
those who are primarily interested in 100's will end up pursing FEI
since that's now the only real goal for those that are goal oriented and
are interested in 100's.
   This is really a generalized statement.  I certainly do not fit this description and many of the 100 mile riders I compete with are not riding 100s in the hope of riding FEI someday.  I can't believe that you would generalilze like this.  There are riders out there that want to do 100s for the challenge of 100s and do NOT want the costs, structure and the pressure of FEI riding.  If you don't believe me look at the PS 100 mile riders that have reached the bronze,gold, and silver level.  There are three riders that have ridden at the Pan Am level of FEI and only two that I know of that want to continue to ride at the FEI level.
Perhaps in the South this is your experience but it certainly is not mine.  In fact, it seems that a lot of riders I know do FEI only when a ride like the Pan Ams is relatively close.  But of course, that was when each time zone fielded a team and the chance of representing the time zone was actually a posibility.
I think you need to be really careful when you make generalized statements like this to promote your arguement.  If this is YOUR experience that is one thing but don't assume for all AERC riders.
Kim Fuess