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[RC] One day 100s - k s swigart

Truman said:

I also would add that most of those who are primarily
interested in 100's will end up pursing FEI since that's
now the only real goal for those that are goal oriented
and are interested in 100's.

On the contrary, I am sure there are plenty of people who are (or could be) 
interested in 100s but have no interest in FEI.  I know that _I_ fall into that 

One of the things that was for me and is for many people who ride endurance is 
to avoid high pressure competition, avoid high cost competition, and to have it 
be all about just you and your horse.  FEI riding is all about the race, it is 
ridiculously expensive in comparison to regular AERC rides.  And if your FEI 
goal is to qualify/ride in FEI championship riding (doing FEI rides at a 
regular AERC ride if you aren't pursuing some sort of championship goal is 
totally pointless, it is just more expensive), Steph has told us that to do so, 
you don't even get to do it on your own horse.  For the duration of the 
championship the horse "belongs" to USEF, you don't get to make the decisions, 
final decisions are up to the chef d'equipe and/or the team vet; you don't take 
care of the horse, you have an entourage of "crew" to do that.

So no, I have no intention of pursuing FEI endurance.  However, I do have a 
great deal of interest in doing 100s.  In fact, that is pretty much the only 
interest I have left in endurance.  I never really had much interest in LD 
rides (I have always thought that those can be done easily at home).  I have 
little interest in the one-day 50, it has gotten to the point where those, too, 
can be done easily at home).  I have more interest in the multi-day; however, 
multi-days are EXPENSIVE, they have higher entry fees (since you have to pay 
for each day) and for somebody who is self-employed, they have a huge 
opportunity cost.  And not only can I not really afford to be away from work 
for that long, I don't really want to be away from my other horses for that 
long either.

The one day 100 is the only meaningful challenge left for me.  The fact that 
the PS region (and now the W region) have instituted an awards program geared 
specifically towards rewarding completion of the one day 100; hopefully, there 
will be more people who are "goal oriented and are interested in 100's" but 
like me, have absolutely no interest in FEI, who will consider this program to 
be a "real goal" so that ride managers will put on one day 100 mile rides so 
that after I have prepared my horse at home the rides will be there for me to 
go to, when I can afford it.

If I am only going to go to a handful of rides during the year (like most AERC 
members) because that is all I have the time and money for.  I am not going to 
waste that time and money going to a 50 mile ride.  Sign me up for the 
100...and I may even get done at the same time I would if I were to go to a 50, 
as I might not finish :).

But since I am not in contention for year end awards (you have to go to more 
rides than I do for that) and FEI is out of my reach financially even if I DID 
have an interest in it, the one day 100 is the only "goal" that is left for me 
that I might realistically be able to achieve without having to spend too much 
time "on the road."

The only one day 50s I have any interest in are those that are on pretty trails 
that I have never seen before.  But that is not because I have any "goals" with 
respect to such rides, but because it would give me an excuse to go 

Contrary to Truman's statement above, the one day 100 is the ONLY "goal" left 
within reach of the bulk of the AERC membership who are goal oriented but have 
no interest in racing.

Orange County, Calif.


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