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Re: [RC] de-elevate? Or "Dare to risk failure" - Truman Prevatt

I think the jury is out on the 75 mile theory. There are a couple regions that did this, NW comes to mind. It could have the opposite effect cut into the 100 mile entries - I'll try a 75 before a 100 and decide it's not for them and never do a 100. We will know in awhile.

My gut feeling is the people that are going to do a 100 - especially more than one are just going to sign up for a 100.


RDCARRIE@xxxxxxx wrote:

In a message dated 1/16/2006 10:10:24 AM Central Standard Time, stephteeter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

The rationale behind the suggestion, the concept of elevator/de-elevator
rides, was to try to think of ways to revive 100 mile riders and 100 mile
rides. (which have been in a steady decline for several years)

Any other ideas?

Well, I still think offering more 75 milers is a step in the right direction. Not at the same ride as 100 milers, because as several folks have noted, people seem to then select the easier (shorter) distance. But offer a 25/50/75. Give people a chance to make the intermediate step. Once folks have had the chance to do a few 75s, then a 100 might not seem so out of reach. Kinda like when I started...doing 25 miles was a big deal, and 50 seemed very daunting. After a number of LDs, 50 started to seem possible, then doable. Now after a bunch of 50s, a 100 is starting to seem possible. But a 75 *definitely* seems doable. However, even if I don't get to do a 75 first, if my horse does well this season, I *WILL* try a 100 this fall. You can hold me to that.

Dawn in East Texas


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Re: [RC] de-elevate? Or "Dare to risk failure", RDCARRIE