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Re: [RC] California Agricultural product restrictions - Truman Prevatt

Lest we not forget the "landscaping" industry. In the SE one of the biggest infusion of non-native is "Boopsie wants that pretty plant she saw on vacation in Brazil in her front yard." So she gets one. Of course it doesn't stay in her yard and soon the seeds are spread far and near by birds.

The Everglads are being overtaken by Brazilian Pepper trees and Melaleuca trees. The Melaleuca is a native of Australia. Both were introduced as landscape trees. The state of FL is working like the dickens to get ride of these pest. Many of our "invasive" plants got started in someones lawn and got away.


Barbara McCrary wrote:

Another grass that is non-native that many advocate trying to eliminate is Hardinggrass. It was THE grass to plant for pasture several decades ago, so of course we planted some. The livestock don't like the grass but will strip the heads off it. It is course-stemmed and has a root crown that is next to impossible to eliminate. We had some in our lawn and I've tried for years to get rid of it. Anyway, good luck to anyone who wants to eliminate it on the basis of it being non-native! Furthermore, there are few grasses anymore that are truly native, at least over a large area.



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