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Re: [RC] [RC] Non Arabs - Faustina Duffy

I still have 2 gaited Arabian stallions, one who can foxtrot, and his father who has a running walk and a rack to die for.  The gaited ones are still around...but they aren't the boy I love, my even smoother Tiger Horse stallion, so they are not the focus of my breeding or endurance program.  I DO hope that as time and finances allow I can maybe cross them into my program, but let's face it, my focus will probably stay with my non Arab boy who has done 915 endurance miles including 1 100 and 2 75s.  
You know, I really wasn't trying to pick a fight when I posted my response...I was HOPING you (generic group term to all) would maybe look at how some comments feel slanted...If you notice, I never said "My horse is better than any Arab" or "Any horse of any breed can excel at Endurance," I cited some examples of the unintentional bias that I had personally experienced....and a few other things (like the pedigree links) that look funny from the outside...Anyway, happy arguing, I'm going to go for a ride (and not bounce....and you still don't know which breed horse I'll be riding, now do you? <grin!>)

Well then, I guess it is not to late for those that have them to bring them out of the Closet and keep the Gait going... cause I know that is what the Morgan People are doing, 
if you can find a few of the gaited Half Arabs, you might be able to establish some lines of Gait in the Arabians, and then start to breed for Gait, it sounds like it is not to late... I have been out of the Arabian World for a long time...
if you see any Soderberg Arabians in your Pedigree's that would have been my parents, I think they started with LouDon's Arabians for a while too.. It has been 20 years I think since they quit breeding... How time flies...

             Debbie in SE MN

         The Eagle shows the way....


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