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Re: [RC] Flatbed trucks and Weigh Stations - Gary Fend

I went through what you are going through a few years
ago because of my work vehicles.  I did a lot of
research and talked to DOT, CHP, and DMV.  Before
going into detail, here is the bottom line.  All
trucks and vans in California are commercial vehicles
(look on your registration and it will say so, or your
license plate will be in the format of a number
followed by a letter and then a bunch of numbers). 
All commercial vehicles are required to stop at weigh
stations but pick ups are exempt.  If you remove your
pick up bed--you are not longer exempt.  Once you are
considered a non-exempt commercial vehicle there are
various levels of further requirements depending on
your vehicle weight and length.
Here's what happened to me.  We have a bunch of vans
set up with instruments to do stack emission testing. 
One of the vans is a cut off with a box installed. 
One day after many years of clear sailing the driver
was pulled over for not stopping at a weigh station. 
No citation was issued (maybe because it was a
government vehicle) but the driver was told to stop at
all weigh stations in the future and get a safety
check and certificate.  That's when I started calling
around and found there are a lot of un-enforced laws
on the books.  Including the requirement that all
commercially licensed vans stop at inspection
stations.  We complied with the officer's request to
stop for inspection for about 6 months but got tired
of being waved through the inspection so we
discontinued the practice.  We have not been stopped
since.  It all boils down to how bored the CHP at that
weigh station is.
I also know a landscaper who converted from a
pick-up/trailer to a stake bed truck to save on bridge
tolls until he was pulled over for not stopping.  He
has gone back to the trailer.
BTW, where were you stopped?

Good luck

--- Dyane Smith <sunibey@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It turns out that in California, if you take the
pickup bed off your truck (because they are making
the 4x4's skyscrapers, now) and replace it with a
flatbed to get the bed under the gooseneck of a
trailer built before 2000, you have to register as a
Commercial vehicle, get a Class A license, keep a
log and stop at all weigh stations.

Anyone else having these problems?  Are you
stopping?  Did you get a new license?  How did all
this work out for you?

Makes me insane.  The GVWR of the truck is 11,400;
the trailer 12,000.  But, the CHP assures me that
even a little Ranger would no longer be classified
as a pickup if you removed the bed.

Anyway, I'd appreciate ideas.




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[RC] Flatbed trucks and Weigh Stations, Dyane Smith