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Re: [RC] Flatbed trucks and Weigh Stations - Jeanne Slominski

Usually a 'commercial vehicle' is a vehicle used for commercial purposes, as in owned by a business. A vehicle with commercial plates, but not used for commercial purposes, isn't the same thing. Any pickup in CA has to have commercial plates; that doesn't make it a 'commercial' vehicle. If you put a permanent camper or shell on it, you could register it as a 'house car'. 
I have a one ton van. Because of the weight, I have to have commercial plates. It is not a 'commercial' vehicle and I don't have to have a different class of driver's license nor have to keep a log - I'm not a business.
I would think that replacing the pickup bed with a flatbed would be the same thing. It would now be registered as a 'flatbed' truck. You will need to get commercial plates, but that's it. Not sure about having to stop at the weigh station. You would probably be waved through, especially when hauling your horse trailer, because you are not a business.

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