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Re: [RC] White hairs on back - Sisu West Ranch

"....  Recently I noticed two patches of white hair on my mare's back.  They are oval, about the size of a small fist, and right under where my tush would be on either side of her spine..."
Excess pressure does not cause hair to turn white, it causes the next hair cycle to come in white.  The winter coat starts growing sometime in July-August so now would be the time for white hair to show up.
Sometimes after a hard ride you can see/feel some edema where there is excess pressure.  Sometimes you can feel soreness in the area.  Sometimes, nothing is noted until white hair shows up.
If a saddle is bridging and thus putting to much pressure on the back of the horse under your butt, you will get white hairs there.  Sometimes a perfectly fitted saddle will show a scattering of white hairs under the whole bearing area.  That happened to me in 1991.  I purchased a panel saddle, cured the problem and have never looked back.
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[RC] White hairs on back, melanie . o