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Re: [RC] Horsemanship and CTR - Chris Paus

I didn't hear anyone say that ALL  endurance riders have poor horsemanship or ALL CTR riders have great horsemanship. Nothing of the sort.
I think the point being made was that CTR is ONE way to learn distance riding, certainly not the only way. There are many excellent endurance riders who have never done any CTR. The reverse is true also.
And there are many riders who do both sports and enjoy and learn what they can from each. I've learned something from each horse activity I've done. Sometimes it is just to learn what not to do. But most of the time I come home with a piece of information i can use.
I'm 53 and first climbed on a horse when I was 3. got my first horse when I was 12 and have had horses ever since. I've done 4H, barrel racing, showing, trail riding, parades, CTR and endurance. I can tell you that I keep learning. Every time I think I know it all, a horse will teach me otherwise.
maybe if you actually RODE a CTR rather than scribe for it, and RODE an endurance venue, you'd see that they really aren't all that different, especially in groups like ECTRA, MOTDRA, and UMECRA.

Brian & Sara Minsk <ninemaplefarm@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I am just baffled by all of the implication that endurance riders have
poor horsemanship. Are you going to tell me that all endurance riders
are yahoo maniacs who don't know how to take care of their horse? That
seems to be what I gather from the posts and private e-mails anyway.

Since when did competitive trail riding become the ONLY way to acquire
good horsemanship?????? You CTR people must feel so proud that you are
the ONLY really good horsemen and women out there! *grin* :-) (Ok. My
flame suit is on and zipped up...but easy with the intense flames,

I think an endurance rider that goes 100 miles and finishes with a
sound, happy horse must be doing something right!! Especially, if they
do it year after year. That is what I truly admire. The mileage and
longevity to finish rides successfully in the sport! And, no...not all
top endurance riders are CTR people. I think some people just do CTRs
because they are more prevalent than endurance rides. At least, in my
region anyway.

There are crappy CTR horsewomen and crappy endurance horsewomen. Just
like there are great ones in both.
Good horsemanship is good horsemanship. Period.

Of course, as always, just my uneducated two cents!!




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I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship. Louisa May Alcott
Chris Paus
Lake Region SWA  http://lakeregionswa.fws1.com

[RC] Horsemanship and CTR, Brian & Sara Minsk