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[RC] Fat Stores - Ridecamp Guest

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Fatigue is closely associated with depletion of the limited stores of 
carbohydrate in the muscle and in the liver. Therefore, it is not surprising 
that strategies have been developed to ensure that not only are the 
carbohydrate stores well stocked before exercise but that they are also 
restored as soon as possible after exercise. Consuming carbohydrate immediately 
after exercise increases the rate of muscle glycogen resynthesis and also 
results in greater endurance capacity during subsequent exercise."

because I have been training to do a century (bike) next month and I've been 
told by so called experts that the best thing to do is eat protein after a hard 
ride. Now this is saying carbs are better post ride.

What I would like to know also (sorry if it was in a post and I missed it) is 
where does stored fat (horse or human) fit into all this? All I hear and read 
is about muscle being broken down during anaerobic but nothing about fat 
reserves. Again, sorry if I missed the post and my interest is human and horse.

Kathy R - SE>>

Two primary storage facilities: adipose tissue and intra-muscular triglycerides 
IMTGs). Adipose tissue is all fat--as in the fat you trim from meats before 
cooking. It comes in a couple forms, but both are very difficult and costly to 
break down during exercise. IMTGs, on the other hand, are stored within the 
muscles and are more readily available during exercise.

In highly trained human athletes, IMTG stores are generally not a 
consideration--no one watches diet to ensure adequate IMTG stores, primarily 
because it has been repeatedly shown that a dependence on fat fueling slows the 
athlete and inhibits glycogen metabolism. Aside from the equine literature, it 
is very difficult to find a scientist advocating feeding high fat diets to 


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