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Re: [RC] White hairs on back - Carolyn Burgess


First let me say that I personally love the Torsion
for me.  For my horse, it didn't work.  I had similar
white marks on my horse, but from the stirrup hangars.
The damage happened to your horse a while ago. The
white hair is a sign of damage caused either by the
saddle or the way you ride in the saddle.  It is
showing now because your horse has probably started to
shed and this is the new hair growing in where the
damage occurred.  Maybe you will be lucky like I was
when I stopped using the Torsion.  The white hair
shedded out and bay hair grew back in it's place.  My
only suggestion is that you find another saddle.

Carolyn Burgess

--- melanie.o@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi all:  

I am looking for some advice.  Recently I noticed
two patches of white hair on my mare's back.  They
are oval, about the size of a small fist, and right
under where my tush would be on either side of her
spine.  Now, I know what white hairs normally
indicate, HOWEVER, let me say that I ride in a
Torsion treeless saddle w/ Equipedic pad.  There is
nothing hard to rub or pinch!  A friend thought it
might be too much heat, but the Equipedics are
supposed to disperse heat.  I have not ridden her
hard since a 30-miler the first part of July and
they just showed up a couple of weeks ago.  Or could
it maybe have something to do w/ her being a paint?



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[RC] White hairs on back, melanie . o