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Re: [RC] Whats New with SERA - password safety - Truman Prevatt

It can be difficult to get a tap on a land line. You can detect a tap
except by experts not to mention illegal. It's a piece of cake to
monitor a cell tower. If you know the cell users ID, it is really easy
to find and track that ID. All the addressing information is passed on
the cell control channels. Today many people are going wireless for long
distance calls. In fact there is a trend for many people to go wireless
period. We all now own our own cell numbers and can take them with us.
In a year or so we will own our own landline number and can take that
with us. As (high speed)  DSL or internet over cable becomes more
available and with the emerging technology called "voice over data" or
"voice over internet" by some people there will be fewer people using
traditional land lines.

This will have impact on the such things as privacy and security. I
actually may help matters rather than hurt them. I've given up on an
additional line for a fax. I have a number that was given to me by a
service. A fax is sent to that and it's then it's put into an Email and
sent to me. If I send a fax I scan it, save it in a pdf format and Email
it or if I want it to go to a real fax number send it to the above
service along with the fax number an it is reformatted and sent out as a

Lot less expensive than a separate fax line. Yes there will be a lot of
changes in the next 5 years.


Ed & Wendy Hauser wrote:

"a fax is not and fax transmissions are easy to detect and
decode and it takes very little work to get a conversation off a cell

While I've never heard of it being done, I've always wondered what would
prevent an enterprising thief from physically tapping into the phone wire
that goes to a catalog store, and listening to the credit card numbers being
spoken.  Seems to me that this would get many more numbers per day than
listening to random cell phone calls.


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